Decisions of the Government of the Russian Federation of 07/06/2020 No. 991, the procedure for the return of funds under air transportation agreements More
Business Free Promotion Rules

In order to use the service “Free upgrade of the class of service” , you need:

  1. Buy a ticket at the “Premium - Economy” fare.
  2. Have a valid “Golden” card of the “Wings” loyalty program at the time of the flight.
  3. Order the service “Free upgrade of the class of service” when booking (buying a ticket) or by calling 8-800-7700-262 at least 5 hours before the flight departure.
  4. At the time of check-in at the airport of departure, present a “Golden” card of the “Wings” loyalty program and receive confirmation of the provision of this service - a boarding pass to the business class / luxury lounge. Draw your attention to! The service will not be confirmed if there are no empty seats in the Business class cabin on a particular flight.

On board an aircraft, it is FORBIDDEN to transfer passengers from the Economy class of service to the Business (comfort) class on the Gold cards of the Wings loyalty program.

The service “Free Upgrade” is NOT AVAILABLE:

  • in the absence of free seats in the cabin of the class of service "Business" on the necessary flight;
  • in the absence of the class of service "Business" on the necessary flight;
  • on flights operated by code-share partners of Ural Airlines;
  • transit passengers, regardless of the subclass of the ticket purchased;
  • passengers making a flight to the Moscow subscription ;
  • when checking in for a flight at the Late Passenger counter;
  • when flying with a small child under the age of 2 years;
  • unaccompanied children;
  • passengers who have issued the service "Luggage to the cabin";
  • passengers with animals in the cabin.

Preferences in case of upgrade:

  • service in the Business class cabin / superior cabin on board the aircraft;
  • providing food according to the ration of serving passengers of the Business class;
  • delivery on board the aircraft or to the arrival hall in a separate vehicle (if available at the airport of departure / arrival).

For passengers upgraded to the “Business” service class with Golden Cards, the “Special Catering Service” service (vegetarian, baby, etc.) is not provided.

For a flight made in the cabin of the Business class service using Golden Cards, bonuses are accrued in accordance with the subclass and fare specified in the itinerary receipt of the ticket.