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Flight safety

Be confident in your safety aboard Ural Airlines

We care about your health and strictly follow all the recommendations on the prevention of COVID-19, so that you feel safe throughout your trip with us.

Order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation

Dear passengers!

In connection with the instructions of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, we inform you:

  • At the moment, passengers are allowed on board the aircraft only in masks and gloves.
  • Body temperature should not exceed 37 degrees.
  • Personal protective equipment must not be removed both during the entire flight and while at the airports of departure and arrival.
  • Certificate of absence of COVID-19 disease and test results are not required
  • Requirements and sanitary and epidemiological measures for tourists traveling to Turkey

Your new journey

In the airport

Disinfection takes place: check-in desks, inspection areas and boarding gates
Hand disinfectants are placed in the contact areas of the air terminals
At the airport there are signs and markings in the form of stickers to maintain social distance

When landing

Telepaths are used to maintain social distance in order to avoid large crowds in the landing zone.
When boarding with buses, their number increases to maintain the required distance of passengers
When boarding, our cabin crew will provide you with a set of hand sanitizers


All crews received instructions on how to act if one of the passengers felt unwell or had symptoms of a coronavirus

Everyday each of our aircraft undergoes a daily thorough disinfection, including a cabin and a cabin.

Each menu item is prepared in specialized on-board food workshops and is packaged in one-time individual packaging.

Blankets and pillows are disinfected and undergo special heat treatment.

Why is there always clean air on board?

The perfect Airbus air conditioning system - about 60% of the air for air conditioning comes from engine compressors with a temperature of 150-200 degrees Celsius, which is already a guarantee of an absolute absence of viruses or bacteria in it.

40% of the air is forcedly circulated through a recirculation system, in which HEPA filters are installed, which showed a 99.99% virus removal efficiency in tests of the European Medical Association.

Air flows are distributed from the ceiling to the floor at a speed significantly higher than the ventilation of public buildings and offices. The air in the cabin is distributed zonally and does not flow around the cabin, and even taking into account recirculation is completely updated every 3 minutes - 20 times per hour.

How to protect HEPA filters

HEPA filters are high-performance air purification filters that meet international and national safety standards. They trap tiny particles due to randomly arranged fibers of different thicknesses.

HEPA filter can trap particles of all sizes
Dust lingers in the HEPA filter almost forever
Over time, the efficiency of the HEPA filter only grows due to an increase in the area of the fibers during contamination.

Filters hold particles according to the principle of a sieve, and even if a speck of dust only touched the filtered material, then this is already sufficient for its deposition.

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