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Fly to health!

Airplane is the safest mode of transport. This statement is relevant today, during the pandemic of the coronavirus COVID-19. Director of the Aviation Technical Center Igor Poddubny told how the air filtration system on an aircraft does not allow infection to spread among passengers.

Air enters the cabin of the aircraft, the purity of which exceeds the ventilation requirements of the Russian current standard for medical facilities.

“Technically, the problem of ventilation protection of a passenger in an airplane is solved with the help of a perfect air conditioning system for an aircraft,” Igor Vladimirovich explains. - Part of the air, about 60%, for conditioning comes from engine compressors with a temperature of 150-200 degrees Celsius, which is already a guarantee of the absolute absence of viruses or bacteria in it. 40% of the air is forcedly circulated through a recirculation system, in which HEPA filters are installed, which showed 99.99% virus removal efficiency in tests of the European Medical Association. ”

Another factor: air flows from the ceiling to the floor at a speed significantly higher than the ventilation of public buildings and offices. The air in the cabin is distributed zonal and does not flow around the cabin, and even taking into account recirculation is completely updated every 3 minutes - 20 times per hour.

The layout of the aircraft also prevents the spread of viruses and bacteria - passengers sit in parallel, on individual seats with individual tables, and not face to face, and, in addition, the physical barriers are the seatbacks.

In addition, a regular wet cleaning of the entire cabin with disinfectants is carried out on the plane. Processing includes washing the armrests and individual tables of all passenger seats, curtains and interior windows of the windows, cleaning the seats themselves.

“In the report, prepared on the basis of an extensive review of scientific and expert assessment by IATA medical consultants and a group of medical directors of the 10 largest companies, as well as reports from 70 airlines, not a single case of COVID-19 transfer in flight from passenger to passenger was recorded” - explained Igor Poddubny.