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Pay in installments!

Flights Installment plan. Moneywall.

What is Moneywall?
This is a part payment service

With the help of Moneywall you can get a ticket now, and pay for it later. The purchase will take several minutes - without paper documents and calls from operators.

For registration you only need a passport and a credit card
Convenient payment - automatic or in your account
An opportunity to buy several tickets at once

How much is it?
You pay a fixed commission - from 0% to 21% of the ticket price.

No commission for regular payments
No paid SMS
No prepayment fees

For example, a ticket costs 10,000 rubles.
Moneywall commission - 10%.

So, in the amount you pay for the ticket 11 000 rubles. We divide this amount into three equal payments.
You will make the initial payment at the time of purchase - 3,666 rubles.

In a month, we will write off another such payment.
And we will write off the last payment in a month.

How to issue?
Online registration takes about two minutes

It is necessary to indicate passport data, upload photos of documents and make an initial payment. It usually takes about two and a half minutes.

How to repay ahead of schedule?
At any time, you can pay for the ticket fully or partially online

Just click the button “Pay off ahead of schedule” in your account on www.moneywall.io and make a payment using a card. No commissions. In addition, you have the opportunity to pay for the ticket in full without any interest during the grace period!

How to pay for a ticket in parts on Ural Airlines?

Choose a ticket on the Ural Airlines website
Click on the Moneywall icon on the payment page
Fill in the application for payment in installments