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Sports equipment rules

Sports equipment rules

Sports equipment is included in the free baggage allowance for all tariff groups, except for the Promo tariff group (Promo-light / Promo / No baggage / Baggage). 1 set of sports equipment must weigh no more than 23 kg, dimensions in the sum of three dimensions (length / width / height) no more than 203 cm.When carrying alpine skis / snowboard / surfing / water skis, 1 set of sports equipment must weigh no more than 23 kg, dimensions by the sum of three dimensions not more than 350 cm, one of the sides not more than 220 cm. The approved list of sports equipment and the number of seats are indicated in the table.

If you are traveling at fares from the Promo-light / Promo / Baggage-free / Baggage group, then free transportation of any sports baggage instead of the reserved baggage piece or in addition to the reserved baggage piece is not provided. Sports equipment is charged according to the excess baggage rates.

Additional free baggage allowances established by elite cards of the Wings program do not apply to the conditions of carriage of sports equipment.

Sports equipment Approved list Total number of pieces of baggage
Bicycle 1 regular bike (no motor / no e-bike) or 1
1 special children's bike cart or
1 unicycle
Fishing 1 box for fishing tackle 2
1 rod
Golf 1 golf bag containing 1
1 set of golf clubs
golf balls and ball stands
1 pair of golf shoes
Hockey 1 bag with hockey equipment: 1 set of protective equipment (for knees, arms, etc.) 2
hockey sticks
1 pair of skates
1 helmet
Skiing* 1 pair of skis 2
1 pair of ski poles
1 pair of boots (even if carried in a separate bag)
1 helmet
Snowboard 1 snowboard 2
1 pair of boots (even if carried in a separate bag)
1 helmet
Kick scooter*** 1 regular scooter 1
Other sports equipment treated as regular baggage

* For alpine skis / snowboards, the size restrictions for checked baggage do not apply. When passengers are traveling together (except for Promo-light / Promo / Baggage / Baggage fares), it is allowed to combine the allowance for skis and snowboards and transport several pairs of skis / snowboards in one bag, while the weight of the bag must not exceed 30 kg. If the weight of the cover exceeds 30 kg, the carriage of such baggage is paid at the rates for excess oversized baggage.

** Carriage of bicycles is permitted subject to the following conditions:

  • the bike must be properly packed in a special paper box or protective film to prevent the front wheel fork from moving;
  • the handlebars are attached to the bike;
  • the pedals are disconnected.

*** A scooter can be carried in hand luggage if: it has a folding mechanism, packaging or a cover and corresponds   the approved weight and dimensions of the fare at which the ticket was purchased . You can carry the scooter in carry-on luggage free of charge, provided that there are no other items of carry-on luggage.
If the scooter is battery-powered, then the transportation of small mobile devices on batteries is allowed only through the cargo terminal with a dangerous goods declaration.

If an additional suitcase is carried, then one of the items is carried in accordance with the excess baggage rates