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Programs for legal entities

Programs for legal entities

Corporation Program

"Corporation" is a bonus program for legal entities. Register in the program and get cashback for each business trip to the company account in the amount of 1% of the fare (airfare minus fees).

How to register?

To register in the bonus program, you must fill out a printed Application, indicating detailed information about the company, as well as the data of the company representative - program manager.

When filling out the Application, the program manager indicates the PIN code - this is the password to enter the personal account of the program participant, where you can control the number of bonus points and issue tickets.

A completed form with the signature of the head and seal of the company must be sent to the airline office in one of the following ways:

  • at the address: Ekaterinburg, per. Morning, 1G, 620025. Program "Corporation"
  • by e-mail ffp2@u6.ru
  • by fax +7 (343) 312-90-55

After registration, the program manager will be sent an e-mail with the account number of the company (card) and information about the bonus programs of the airline.

Employees of a registered company automatically become participants in the Kryliya reward program for passengers, if they have not previously been registered with it. Calculation and use of funds for employees occurs according to the rules of the program for passengers.

Why do I need a Program Manager?

The program manager is a responsible employee and a contact person who represents the interests of the company, controls the movement of points on the account and, if necessary, makes changes to the company data (Application for amendments).

If you replace one program manager with another or change the address and contact details of the company, you must notify the airline. To do this, fill out the application for changes, certify with the signature of the head, company seal and send us one of the ways:

With all questions arising on the bonus program, the manager can contact the information and information department by phone: +7 (343) 312-90-55 .

Company account and accumulation of bonuses

Bonuses begin to accumulate on the company account from the moment of filling out an application for participation. The charge is made for all flights of employees, even if the employee flies for the first time and / or is not registered in the Wings program.

Where to spend bonuses?

The accumulated bonuses can be spent on buying tickets for the next business trip or other tickets at the discretion of the head of the company.

Bonuses must be spent within one calendar year from the moment they are received in the account, otherwise they will be burned.

Let's say your employee flew on a business trip in June 2018. For the flight, 12 bonuses are credited to the company's account. These bonuses must be spent before June 31, 2019.

Bonus ticket payment

You can pay for the ticket purchase with bonuses when placing an order on the website www.uralairlines.ru . A ticket can be issued by the program manager, company manager or other authorized person who knows the card number and PIN code.

A separate ticket must be issued for each employee.

Bonuses can be used to pay the fare part of the ticket, all fees and other services are paid separately by VISA or MASTER CARD. At the same time, the minimum amount debited cannot be less than 120 bonuses.


For placing an order, taking into account bonuses, a non-refundable fee of 120 rubles will be charged.

For a ticket paid for with bonuses, you can add a free ticket for a child up to 2 years old. To do this, contact the ticket office or contact center.

The Program Rules prohibit:

  • Participate in the program to companies whose activities are related to tourism and air travel.
  • Violate the rules of program participation.
  • Have two or more bonus accounts. In this case, the company is left with only one account, the rest are blocked, bonuses are canceled and are not transferred to the main account.
Corporate client

Use resources rationally - pay all attention to business, and entrust tickets to us.

To save time and money on organizing business flights, participate in the Corporate Client program. For program participants:

  • discounts on tickets up to 10% on regular flights;
  • priority booking for the flight and in the airport VIP lounges;
  • comprehensive travel arrangements: issuing air and train tickets, hotel reservation, transfer from the airport, buying tickets for Aeroexpress;
  • registration of a work visa for Russian citizens;
  • multiple entry visas for entry into the territory of the Russian Federation for foreign employees and partners. Preparation of necessary documents, including invitations and insurance;
  • Wings Travel Club services - discounts on tickets of other airlines, participation in the bonus program without concluding an additional contract;
  • timely provision of accounting documents.

We offer 3 options for cooperation. The difference is only in the amount of discounts and prepayments.

Contract No. 1
5% discount on Ural Airlines tickets
No prepayment.
Payment upon invoice.
Download contract
Contract No. 2
7% discount on Ural Airlines tickets
100 000 ₽ prepayment.
The cost of services and tickets is debited from the prepayment.
Download contract
Contract No. 3
10% discount on Ural Airlines tickets
250 000 ₽ prepayment.
The cost of services and tickets is debited from the prepayment.
Download contract

To start cooperation, sign the contract option that suits you in 2 copies and send it to the central office of the Wings Travel Club in your city:

After the conclusion of the contract, we will issue you a personal Plastic Card. Pay money and / or prepayment on it and pay for the purchase of tickets.

Tickets can be issued at the airline’s official ticket office or at the office of the Wings Travel Club by proxy, upon presentation of an identity document and a Plastic Card. The company receives a plastic card upon conclusion of the contract.

Addresses of Ural Airlines ticket offices can be found here .

Travel Club office addresses are here .

Download power of attorney here .