Additional services

Selecting a seat on board

Choose seats in the cabin according to your preferences.
Let your loved ones stay close throughout the flight.
  • Standard seat
    from 349 ₽
  • Extended pitch seat
    from 1199 ₽
  • Business class seat
    from 2499 ₽

Automatic check-in

Skip-the-line travel with the additional “automatic check-in” service
from 159 ₽

Baggage check-in

Take care of carrying an additional piece of luggage and pay for the service at the time of purchasing a ticket without unnecessary hassle or expectation.
from 1,500 ₽ depending on the tariff

Upgrade to Business Class

Increase the comfort of your trip depending on your departure airport and destination.
from 10000 ₽

Pet transportation

Travel with your pets.
from 3,500 ₽

Additional food

Select the dish and number of additional meals served on board the aircraft.
  • Snacks
    from 310 ₽
  • Breakfast
    from 440 ₽
  • Hot meals
    from 535 ₽
  • Baby food
    from 435 ₽

Unaccompanied children

The service is available for children from 5 to 12 years old.
from 6000 ₽

Issuance of information on booking and flight

Issuance of information on booking and flight