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Wings of goodness

Joint project of Ural Airlines and charity funds Konstantin Khabensky Fund and Rusfond

Wings of Good

Funds - partners

The Konstantin Khabensky Charitable Foundation was established in 2008, its activities are aimed at helping children with cancer and other serious brain diseases *.

For the year 2019, the Fund raised 365,420,504.62 rubles. Targeted assistance to children was provided to many children.

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The Russian Relief Fund (Rusfond) is one of the largest charitable foundations in Russia.

Since 1996, private individuals and organizations have donated over 14.249 billion rubles. The health has been returned to thousands of children with this money. As of February 27, 2020, 187 507 161 rubles were collected, 174 children received assistance. Serious support was received by hundreds of large and foster families, disabled adults, as well as orphanages, boarding schools and hospitals in Russia.

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837 people
participated in the program
761,019 bonuses
received into the fund"s account

We want to say thank you to everyone who responded to the call of the airline and gave the Wings of Good to children who need our help.


For the donated bonuses, the Airline issues tickets for the foundation's specialists, doctors, children and their relatives. All donations are made voluntarily, there are no restrictions on the amount of the transfer.


  • Sasha Dedova
    11 years old, Stavropol region
    "When I first took to the skies, when our plane, as on the sea, sailed in the sky... And clouds, like sea waves, enveloping us... So I wanted to touch them, to feel them... It was a magical feeling! We hovered above the ground! Even the sun shines here differently! Everything here is magically mesmerizing! Only after this sea of feelings and impressions I probably understood why Antoine de Saint-Exupery was so in love with the sky! So much has written about it! There, in the clouds, everything is fabulously beautiful, there you want to dream! Dreaming of the good! Fantasize! To think only of the good, the bright, the fabulously-happy..."
  • Sasha Dimitrova
    Age 12, Izhevsk
    "I remember my first dream about flying. I flew at sunset among a flock of geese, was one of those birds rushing to warmer lands. Geese, exhausted by a long flight, mechanically waving their wings, their bodies swaying smoothly up and down. They quietly huddled, talking, supporting each other, dreaming of an imminent rest. And at the bottom was an amazing world: tiny houses, a narrow ribbon of the road, squares of fields. I remember waking up after that with some extraordinary sense of lightness and thoughts that my perception of the world had finally found some completeness: I saw the familiar objects from above, in another projection, as in the drawing of a three-dimensional figure. Since then, the desire to fly a plane and see the world in a different way has not left me."
  • Nariman Mustafayev
    age 17, Novorossiysk
    "Every child loves to dream. I love to dream, too. In my dreams I can visit different fairy-tale countries. My dreams give me the opportunity to see the beautiful cities of the world. Growing up, I can make my dreams come true. It is enough to buy a plane ticket, which will take me in a few hours to anywhere in the world. Today I dream of defeating my illness and fulfilling my plans: to visit different countries."

    Participants of the charity project on the background of Super Guppy - a plane for transporting non-standard cargo at the Aeroscopia Museum

    "Something that makes one day different from all other days and one hour for all the other hours" (Antoine de Saint-Exupery, "The Little Prince"). This "something" for the three wards of the Konstantin Habensky Charitable Foundation was a trip to Toulouse - the city where the pilot Antoine de Saint-Exupery began his professional career, and where Airbus planes are assembled today. In November, Ural Airlines, together with Airbus and the Foundation, held an essay contest on "Flight of My Dreams." The authors of the three best works - Nariman Mustafayev, Sasha Dedova and Sasha Dmitrova - went to the homeland of Airbus in December. Each of them, according to the organizers, most sincerely described his cherished and good dream.