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Our subscription to Moscow - your convenient schedule

Moscow subscription is a single nominal ticket with open departure dates at a fixed price. The subscription is available for economy and business class services.

Moscow subscription


  • Choose as many trips as you need: 2, 4 or 8 round-trip trips to Russian airline destinations.
  • Make your schedule convenient using open flight dates. When buying a subscription, you need to confirm the date only for the first flight. The dates of the next trips can be changed an unlimited number of times.
  • Get a discount of up to 50% when purchasing a subscription. The cost of a flight under such a ticket is lower than the current minimum fares and depends on the number of segments and route.


  • Moscow - Barnaul - Moscow
  • Moscow - Irkutsk - Moscow
  • Moscow - Novosibirsk - Moscow
  • Moscow - Omsk - Moscow
  • Moscow - Tomsk - Moscow
  • Moscow - Chita - Moscow
  • Moscow - Yekaterinburg - Moscow
  • Moscow - Kaliningrad - Moscow
  • Moscow - Chelyabinsk - Moscow
  • Saint Petersburg - Kaliningrad - Saint Petersburg
  • Chita - Yekaterinburg - Chita
  • Moscow - Mineralnye Vody - Moscow
  • Moscow - Tyumen - Moscow
  • Moscow - St. Petersburg - Moscow
  • Moscow - Sochi - Moscow
  • Moscow - Ufa - Moscow
  • Moscow - Krasnodar - Moscow
  • Yekaterinburg - St. Petersburg - Yekaterinburg
  • Moscow - Surgut - Moscow
Trips with open dates must be confirmed at least 1 hour before the flight departure by calling the contact center 8-800-7700-262 or at the agency where you purchased the subscription.
In the subscription in the direction Yekaterinburg - Moscow, you can combine the arrival airports and choose the Domodedovo airport or the Sheremetyevo airport.
Changing the route as part of the subscription is prohibited.
The subscription is valid for 1-12 months (the validity period is calculated from the date of departure for the first flight segment).
Get a subscription at branded airline ticket offices, the airline’s contact center, at the offices of the Wings Travel Club, and at any agency in your city.

  • Cost data is informational in nature. You can get complete information about the offer and purchase tickets at all sales offices, as well as by calling the airline's contact center 8-800-7700-262 (a call within Russia is free).
  • Each flight within the framework of the “Moscow subscription” can be used only on the “round trip” route, violation of the sequence of the route is not allowed. That is, before booking a flight “back”, you need to book and make a flight “there”, depending on the city of transportation you have chosen. If you booked a flight “there”, but did not use it, your reservation for the flight “back” will be canceled.