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When it is urgent to deliver paper documents, and the usual delivery is not ready for such tasks, send the documents to the nearest direct flight of Ural Airlines.

You can check out the shipment and receive express correspondence at the office of the airline's representative office. Find out where your nearest office is here. Letters and packages with correspondence weighing no more than 5 kg are accepted.

Ural Airlines makes express flights to the UAE (Dubai), Czech Republic (Prague), Uzbekistan (Tashkent), Tajikistan (Khujand and Dushanbe) and Armenia (Erevan).

The cost of sending directly depends on the weight of departure:

Weight of one package, d Cost,
Up to 500 1200
501 - 1000 1500
1001 - 2000 2500
2001 - 3000 3500
3001 - 4000 4500
4001 - 5000 5500

Payment is made before sending, except for correspondence sent to Prague (Czech Republic) - it is paid upon receipt.


  • It is not possible to send the express delivery of jewelry, currency, magnetic media, items prohibited for transportation on aircraft or to be declared.
  • Correspondence is stored in the office for no longer than 3 months, after which it is destroyed.
  • If the correspondence has been damaged or lost during the transportation process, the airline will compensate the cost of departure by paying no more than double the amount of payment for the transportation.