Decisions of the Government of the Russian Federation of 07/06/2020 No. 991, the procedure for the return of funds under air transportation agreements More
Charter Order

Charter Order

For those who do not want to adjust to the airline’s schedule and know exactly which flight they need, Ural Airlines is ready to provide charter transportation.

Charter transportation is a special order flight. Passengers on the flight can be tourists, pilgrims, company employees who are sent on a business trip, sports teams and their fans, schoolchildren, students, government employees.

The following can act as a customer of charter transportation: a travel company, an enterprise, an educational institution, etc.

The plane will fly anyway, even with 1 passenger on board. Moreover, the airline offers a special price for the wholesale purchase of tickets.


  • There is no division into business or economy class in the cabin of a charter aircraft.
  • The flight may be delayed due to malfunctions in the schedule or overload of the airfield.
  • In case of cancellation of the flight, the ticket price is not refundable.

To order charter transportation, leave a request in the form below. The application will be reviewed within 5 days.

In the period from 1.05 to 15.10 due to the increased passenger flow, the application processing time is 30 days.