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Office in Yekaterinburg

OJSC Ural Airlines
620025, Russia, Ekaterinburg, PER. UTRENNIY 1G, SITA SVXTOU6

24-hour passenger support service

8 800 7700-262 (call within the Russian Federation is free)
+7 (499) 920-22-52 (for calls from other regions)
* 0262 (Phone for free calls from mobile in the Russian Federation)
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Tenders department

Chupina Ekaterina Aleksandrovna, Head of Tenders Department
+7 (343) 312-90-40, e.chupina@u6.ru

Malysheva Svetlana Nikolaevna, Leading Specialist of the Department of the Ministry of Defense of AK SMTS
+7 (343) 345-32-12, s.malysheva@u6.ru

Shareholder Relations

+7 (343) 345-34-80, stocks@u6.ru

Advertising in the logbooks and on board the aircraft of the Airline

+7 (343) 376-26-00, reklama@uam.ru


+7 (343) 272-60-12, vacancy@u6.ru