200 destinations, 52 airliners, 9 million passengers

About us

About us

Ural Airlines is among the TOP largest Russian airlines. Regular passengers appreciate that the company is working to improve service, renewing its air fleet and every year opening new routes for flights to cities in Russia, the CIS and foreign countries. The geography of flights already includes more than 200 destinations and this is not the limit for us.


JSC "Ural Airlines" originated from Sverdlovsk United Aviation Division, which had been established based on Sverdlovsk Koltsovo Airport back in 1943. The brand URAL AIRLINES exists since 1993, and by 2006 the airline has carried over 1 000 000 passengers. All our flights were operating on Russian aircraft.

Since 2006, the company has focused on the aviation and maintenance bases development. At that time the air fleet renewal program was launched: the aircraft An-24, Tu-134, Tu-156 and Il-86 were replaced by Airbus A320 Family. In 2012, the company opened its own Simulator Center for Airbus 320 pilots.

Aircraft Fleet

Ural Airlines operates 52 Airbus airliners (14 Airbus A321, 23 Airbus A320, 4 Airbus A319, 3 Airbus A320neo, 8 Airbus A321neo) under operating lease conditions. The airline does not ignore existing aircraft. They undergo regular inspections, checks and maintenance.

Number of planes in the airline 4 23 14 3 8
Wingspan 34.1 m 33.91 m 34.1 m 35.8 m 35.8 m
Cruising speed 850 km/h 850 km/h 850 km/h 830 km/h 830 km/h
Maximum flight range 6,800 km 5,600 km 5,600 km 6,850 km 6,850 km
Maximum take-off weight 75,500 kg 77,000 kg 89,000 kg 78,000 kg 89,000 kg
Passenger compartment length 19.8 m 22.4 m 34.44 m 27.5 m 34.4 m
Passenger compartment width 3.7 m 3.7 m 3.7 m 3.7 m 3.7 m
Interior layout 8B/132Y 12B/144Y, 12B/150Y 220Y, 215Y 8B/180Y 236Y, 212Y

IATA Membership

URAL AIRLINES is IOSA registered Operator based on the results of an international audit for compliance with recognized operational safety standards until April 25, 2022. IOSA Certification is a part of our business policy aimed at the continuous improvement of our operations.

In autumn 2015, URAL AILRINES participated in the audit of the government control system over Aviation Safety and Security in Russia. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) conducted the audit.

After the audit, we have received an official letter of thanks from The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.

Simulator Center

In 2012, we have opened our Simulator Center. The Center is equipped with a modern A320 family FFS, manufactured by Sim Industries. The Simulator can simulate almost any situation onboard.

The simulator is equipped with a top visual system (95% of real flight). Our pilots have to go for simulator training at least twice a year.


The Wings Award
"Internal air transportation in Group I"
"Business Project of 20th anniversary in civil aviation of Russia"
Wings of Goodness
"The Best Social project in Russia"
"For the best innovative project in the field of information technologies"
Safety Leaders Award
Category "Safety in transport: aviation Security"


The "Wings of Goodness" Charitable Project is a joint project of Ural Airlines and two charitable foundations – Russian Fund of assistance "Rusfond" and the charitable Foundation "Konstantin Khabenskiy".

Our passengers can transfer the accumulated bonuses to the accounts of the funds. These bonuses are spent on flights for children, their parents and doctors. To date, more than 1 060 000 bonuses are listed.