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200 destinations, 48 airliners, 9 million passengers

About us

About us

Ural Airlines is in the TOP of the largest Russian airlines. Every year more and more passengers use the airline's services - in 2019 we carried 9,616,908 people. This is 11% more than in 2018 and is comparable to the population of eight Yekaterinburgs, almost two St. Petersburgs, or approximately one Moscow. Regular passengers appreciate that the company is working to improve the service, renews the air fleet and every year opens new directions for flights to cities in Russia, the CIS and foreign countries. The geography of flights has more than 200 destinations and this is not the limit for us. The airline has maintenance centers for ships at the airports of Koltsovo (Yekaterinburg), Domodedovo (Moscow), Kurumoch (Samara) and Balandino (Chelyabinsk), and also works with Zhukovsky airport.


Ural airlines are among the TOP-4 largest Russian airlines (Rosaviatskie rating for January-November 2018). 9 000 579 passengers were transported in 2018 (+ 13% to the indicators of 2017). The Geography of flights totals more than 250 directions. Every year flights to new cities of Russia, CIS and foreign countries are added. Base airports for the airline: Moscow (Domodedovo) and Yekaterinburg (Koltsovo).

Since 2006, the company has focused on the development of the aviation technical base. Then a program for updating the air fleet was launched: the An-24, Tu-134, Tu-156 and Il-86 planes were replaced with Airbus A320s. In 2012, the company opened its own training center for training pilots of aircraft of the Airbus 320 family, and in 2014, the construction of a hangar complex at Koltsovo airport was completed, allowing the airline to carry out maintenance of varying complexity.


Skuratov Sergey Nikolaevich
General Director of Ural Airlines

In 1970 he began his professional career in the 2nd Sverdlovsk United Air Squadron as a co-pilot on the AN-2 aircraft. From 1975 he worked in the Sverdlovsk air squadron and went through all stages of a pilot's career on the AN-24, AN-26, IL-18, TU-154, IL-86 aircraft. In 1984 he was appointed to the leading position of the head of the flight safety inspection of the Ural Civil Aviation Administration. In 1987 he took the post of squadron commander and in 1993 became the permanent head of the Ural Airlines.

Russian pilot
transport of the Russian Federation
Awarded with the badge
"Excellent student of air
transport "
Commander of the Order of Honor
and the Order of Friendship


Ural Airlines operates 46 modern Airbus aircraft: 24 A320s, 15 A321, 5 A319 and 2 A320neo aircraft on operational leasing terms. The company is committed to a systematic renewal of the fleet and will soon receive another 1 A320neo and 2 A321neo for flights on Russian and international routes. The airline does not ignore the existing aircraft. They regularly undergo inspections, inspections and maintenance, and if necessary, and are repaired at the Ural Airlines' own aviation and technical base, certified by aircraft manufacturers.

Number of flights in the airline 5 24 15


Wingspan 34.1 m 33.91 m 34.1 m


Cruise speed 850 km/h 850 km/h 850 km/h

830 km/h

Maximum range 6,800 km 5,600 km 5,600 km

6,850 km

Maximum take-off weight 75,500 kg 77,000 kg 89,000 kg

78,000 kg

Length of passenger cabin 19.8m 22.4 m 34.44 m


Passenger width 3.7m 3.7m 3.7m


Salon layouts 8B/132Y 12B/144Y, 12B/150Y 220Y, 215Y


Member of the International Air Transport Association IATA

Has Registration in the IOSA register on the results of international audit for compliance with operational safety standards until April 25, 2022. Mandatory Certification IOSA is part of the company"s policy aimed at continuous improvement of its activities.

In the Autumn of 2015, Ural Airlines took part in the inspection of the state control system for the safety of RUSSIAN flights. The Audit was conducted by the auditors of the International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO.

According to the results of the inspection "Ural Airlines" received gratitude from the Ministry of transport of the RUSSIAN Federation.

Aviation Technical Center

The area of the Aviation Technical Center can accommodate four A321 aircraft, or two A321 and one A330 aircraft.

S = 8 256 sq.m

Ural Airlines Aviation Technical Center was opened in January 2015. The new complex was built using modern innovative technologies and allows the air carrier to independently carry out the most complex forms of maintenance of operated aircraft that were previously carried out abroad.

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Fitness Center

Our own pilot training center was opened in 2012. Equipment - a modern simulator of the A320 family, manufactured by Sim Industries, allows you to simulate any situation on board.

The simulator has the best visualization system (95% of real flight). Each airline pilot undergoes simulator training twice a year.

In 2019, the airline's crews flew 7432 hours.


The Wings Award
"Internal air transportation in Group I"
"Business Project of 20th anniversary in civil aviation of Russia"
Wings of Goodness
"The Best Social project in Russia"
"For the best innovative project in the field of information technologies"
Safety Leaders Award
Category "Safety in transport: aviation Security"


The "Wings of Goodness" Charitable Project is a joint project of Ural Airlines and two charitable foundations – Russian Fund of assistance "Rusfond" and the charitable Foundation "Konstantin Khabenskiy".

Our passengers can transfer the accumulated bonuses to the accounts of the funds. These bonuses are spent on flights for children, their parents and doctors. To date, more than 1 060 000 bonuses are listed.