Automatic check-in service

Automatic check-in service

The service is available on regular flights of the Airline on Russian routes.

The cost of the service is 159 rubles per passenger.

You must have a printed boarding pass with you.

Registration of the service is carried out on the Airline website:

  • The service does not include free seat selection; the seat is assigned automatically by the system.
  • The service is issued for an order placed no later than 24 hours before flight departure.
  • The service is provided when all information about the identity document (number, date of birth, citizenship, etc.) is indicated in the reservation, i.e. authorization and only if you have an email address.
  • The service applies to all passengers in the booking, EMD is issued for each passenger.
  • The service is not available for transfer flights and for passengers with reservations (PETC, WCHC, WEAP, DEAF, etc., for whom online check-in is limited).

Rules for registration of services.

The fact of provision of the service is the sending of the boarding pass to the email address specified in the order no later than 20 hours before the flight departure.

If a service is not provided to someone from the order for the above reason, it is not provided to anyone from the order.

Voluntary return of unused service is prohibited, except in case of flight cancellation.

Payment is made immediately after choosing a service.

Payment with bonuses is not allowed.

When registering for the service, the passenger must familiarize himself with the list of items and substances prohibited for transportation on board the aircraft in luggage, hand luggage and personal belongings.

If changes have been made to the booking regarding the time and/or date of departure, as well as the flight number, the service cannot be provided. Refunds are made upon request from the passenger.