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Coronovirus Information

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Preventive measures

We care about your health and strictly follow all COVID-19 prevention guidelines so that you feel safe throughout your trip with us.

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  • When landing
  • On board

Information for passengers departing on international flights from 10 August

In accordance with the decision of the Government of the Russian Federation and RD 241813 of 07.24. First Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation, Head of the Federal Air Transport Agency on the resumption of international regular and charter flights from 00:00 Moscow time on 08/10/2020 between the airports of the Russian Federation and foreign countries in order to reduce the risks of the spread of coronavirus infection:

  • For foreign citizens arriving from foreign countries, it is necessary to provide information about the negative result of the PCR test for COVID-19
  • Russian citizens arriving from abroad must be tested for coronavirus. Also, within three days from the date of arrival in the Russian Federation, each tourist must upload the test results for coronavirus through a special form on the gosuslugi.ru portal

Learn more about measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.

  • In the airoport
  • On board
  • Actions to be taken if a passenger is diagnosed on board with COVID-19 after the aircraft arrives

COVID 19 Return Information

A positive PCR test for COVID 19 is not a document for an involuntary return.

  • More details

Information for passengers flying to Germany (updated 11/24/2020)

  • More details

Information for passengers traveling to Kyrgyzstan

From 04.12.2020, foreign citizens and stateless persons can arrive on the territory of Kyrgyzstan without restrictions.

All foreign citizens, as well as stateless persons, must have a negative result for COVID-19 (using the PCR test method), which is valid for 72 hours (3 days). If the PCR test expires (72 hours) for objective reasons related to flight or flight delays, a foreign citizen or stateless person must undergo this test upon arrival.

For citizens of Kyrgyzstan, PCR tests are not required, but upon arrival in the Kyrgyz Republic, it is necessary to observe the regime of mandatory self-isolation at the place of stay or residence for l4 days.

Information for passengers flying to the Czech Republic (updated 11/18/2020)

  • Categories of citizens who are allowed to enter the Czech Republic. More details

Information for passengers flying to the UAE (updated 10/26/2020)

  • Passengers flying to the UAE from Russia must provide at check-in at the airport of departure (RF):

Information for passengers flying to Uzbekistan (updated 10/19/2020)

  • In accordance with the Protocol of the meeting of the Special Republican Commission on Combating Coronavirus in the Republic of Uzbekistan, the procedure for the entry of passengers into Uzbekistan by air has been announced:

Information for passengers flying to Israel

The following persons can enter the territory of Israel:

Information for passengers flying to Armenia (updated on 9.11.

Upon arrival in the Republic of Armenia, passengers must:

  • more details

Information for passengers flying to China (updated 6/11/2020)

From November 4, 2020, Chinese and foreign passengers flying from Russia to China must, before boarding a plane:

  • more details

Information for passengers arriving in the Russian Federation from other countries (updated 12/22/2020)

  • More details

Information for passengers arriving in Kazakhstan

All passengers arriving in Kazakhstan must:

  • Provide a certificate with a negative test result for coronavirus infection (by PCR method), conducted no earlier than 72 hours before the flight. If passengers without a certificate are identified, they will not be allowed on board the aircraft from the airport of departure
  • Take thermometry
  • Citizens of the Russian Federation arriving on the territory of the Russian Federation by air must:

Why is there always clean air on board?

Perfect Airbus air conditioning system - about 60% of the air for air conditioning comes from engine compressors with a temperature of 150-200 degrees Celsius, which is already a guarantee of the absolute absence of viruses or bacteria.

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Read more about technical security in an interview with the director of the Aviation Technical Center of Ural Airlines

Rules for using the Certificate:

  • Rules for using the Certificate

    A certificate can be used to pay for a ticket or services on the website www.uralairlines.ru . The denomination of the certificate can fully or partially cover the amount of the ticket, moreover, together with taxes and fees. To pay for the order with a certificate, follow the simple instructions:

    1. Find a ticket for the desired direction, select a flight, add services.
    2. Click "I have a Certificate": enter the Owner's Surname (only the surname, for example: IVANOV), enter the Certificate Number (thirteen characters: only numbers, no dashes), which are indicated on the Certificate (the Certificate data can be entered at any stage of the booking).
    3. Click the Apply button. (!) When using a Certificate (EMD) on the airline's website, the order amount must be equal or greater than the EMD amount).

    Rules for using the Certificate:

    An electronic certificate (hereinafter referred to as EMD) can be used by the owner for full or partial payment for air tickets for any regular flight, as well as additional services of OJSC AK Ural Airlines, including for any third party:

    • You can apply the certificate only the next day after its issue
    • on the website www.uralairlines.ru (there are restrictions: one order can be paid using one EMD, when using EMD, any other payment methods are prohibited, except for additional payments by Visa, MasterCard, MIR cards, including payment with Wings bonuses is impossible; when using EMD on the airline's website, the order amount must be equal or greater than the EMD amount.)
    • at the place of registration of EMD (agents, on-line agents); EMD issued by the agency cannot be used on the website www.uralairlines.ru
    • by contacting the call center of the Airline (in this case, the Airline sells services at a price in effect on the date and time of processing the order (application, call) of the client). The electronic certificate has a unique number, the validity period is 3 years from the date of issuance (the date is indicated on the EMD). One EMD can be used in whole or in part only once.

    If the purchase amount is less than the nominal EMD, then the difference is issued with a new EMD, the validity period of which also starts from the date of registration (only when issued at the ticket office or call center of the Airline) EMD cannot be exchanged for cash. The owner of the EMD is solely responsible for the safety and transfer of the EMD to a third party. Refunds of a ticket or services previously paid for using EMD are issued with a new EMD in accordance with the Fare Application Conditions.

    In the case of partial payment by bank card, the amount calculated for refund is fully registered for a new EMD.

    The certificate is sent from the address: emailserver@pop3.amadeus.net orAn example of what an electronic Certificate looks like.



Updates on the removal of quarantine measures in Russian cities

For more information on the opening of cities, please follow the link .

In many cities of Russia, for free entry, you must present a certificate with the results of PCR testing for Covid-19.

  • All detailed information about testing for COVID-19