Information for passengers of canceled flights in connection with the coronavirus. More details
Actual information

Actual information


During the take-off of a plane flying to Simferopol from Zhukovsky, a large number of birds got into both engines. The aircraft made an emergency landing outside the airfield. There were 226 passengers in the cabin, no one was injured during landing, but some passengers received bruises and minor injuries. Thanks to the professionalism of the crew and their coordinated actions, the landing took place without tragic consequences. All passengers were evacuated. The plane received significant damage and was suspended from flying.

The airline makes maximum use of all reserves for the speediest departure of passengers to their destinations and the restoration of flight schedules. To arrange transportation, a backup aircraft will be provided and additional flights introduced. While waiting, passengers are provided with all the required services in accordance with the Federal Aviation Rules.

The commander of the aircraft was Damir Yusupov, the co-pilot - George Murzin. Thanks to their professionalism and well-coordinated actions, the aircraft managed to land without tragic consequences.

Damir Yusupov is 41 years old. In 2013, he graduated with honors from St. Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation. Immediately after the university, he was hired by Ural Airlines. In 2018, he received a second specialty: he graduated from the Ulyanovsk Institute of Civil Aviation named after the Chief Marshal of Aviation B.P. Bugaev in the direction of Air Navigation. The total flying time of Damir Yusupov is more than 3000 hours. The co-pilot George Murzin is 23 years old. In 2017, he graduated from St. Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation. He was hired by the airline in 2018. The total flight time is more than 600 hours. The evacuation of passengers from the cabin was led by Ural Airlines flight attendants: Dmitry Ivlitsky, Alia Slyakaeva, Dmitry Goncharenko, Nadezhda Vershinina and Yana Yagodina.

7 passengers flew to Simferopol flight U6-230 (hand luggage was issued to them). Baggage will be sent the next next flight.

65 passengers were sent by bus to Domodedovo Airport. They will go to Simferopol with an additional flight U6-9105 at 20:25.

The remaining passengers refused further flights, they will be issued a refund in full, and compensation will be paid.

The luggage of all passengers is unloaded from the aircraft and delivered to the airport, and then it will be transferred to passengers.

To return things forgotten on the aircraft to passengers, a page will be organized on the airline’s official website , where photos will be posted. You will be able to get personal items in a left-luggage office at the Zhukovsky airport according to documents.

Organization of compensation payments:
The liability of Ural Airlines, which operated flight U6 178 Zhukovsky - Simferopol on August 15, is insured by Alfa Insurance.

For all issues related to personal injury, loss of luggage, personal items, please contact the insurance company by e-mail: aviahelp@alfastrah.ru .

The message must indicate the name, telephone, email address of the applicant, the essence of the appeal. If you have any medical documents indicating injuries, please also send copies of documents to the indicated address.

AlfaStrakhovanie specialists will contact the passenger and provide advice on further actions and the procedure for paying insurance compensation.

Information about the training complex for pilots:

The full-flight flight simulator Airbus A320 is a recreated cockpit with absolute precision. The simulator has an excellent visualization system. In his memory, 33 airports were restored, where Ural Airlines flies. During employment at Ural Airlines, pilots must fly 32 hours on the simulator as a whole, working out piloting skills. Pilots are trained every six months: they are trained by instructors for 8 hours, and the exam lasts two hours. The simulator is annually certified by the European Air Safety Agency EASA. The simulator corresponds to level D, which allows you to train pilots in all types of training, including the development of skills to get out of a difficult spatial position.