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Attention passengers departing from China

Attention passengers departing from China


Ural Airlines passengers with tickets departing from China to the Russian Federation after 02/07/2020 can reissue (without surcharges) their ticket for the following flights:

  • U6-804 02/05/2020 Beijing - Vladivostok, departure at 06.15;
  • U6-704 02/06/2020 Beijing - Yekaterinburg, departure at 01.10;
  • U6-704 02/07/2020 Beijing - Yekaterinburg, departure at 06.20;
  • U6-782 02/07/2020 Harbin - Vladivostok, departure at 06.55.

Departure times are local.

To reissue, you must contact the airline’s representative office at the airport or call the airline’s support service by phone +7 (499) 920-22-52.

Also, passengers can go to the Ural Airlines check-in desks and, if there are vacant seats on these flights, they will be accepted for transportation without reissuing a ticket.