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Rules for using the Certificate

A certificate can be used to pay for a ticket or services on the website www.uralairlines.ru . The denomination of the certificate can fully or partially cover the amount of the ticket, moreover, together with taxes and fees. To pay for the order with a certificate, follow the simple instructions:

  1. Find a ticket for the desired direction, select a flight, add services.
  2. Click "I have a Certificate": enter the Owner's Surname (only the surname, for example: IVANOV), enter the Certificate Number (thirteen characters: only numbers, no dashes), which are indicated on the Certificate (the Certificate data can be entered at any stage of the booking).
  3. Click the Apply button. (!) When using a Certificate (EMD) on the airline's website, the order amount must be equal to or greater than the EMD amount).

Rules for using the Certificate:

An electronic certificate (hereinafter referred to as EMD) can be used by the owner for full or partial payment for air tickets for any regular flight, as well as additional services * of OJSC AK Ural Airlines, including for any third party:

  • on the website www.uralairlines.ru (restrictions apply: one order can be paid using one Certificate, the Certificate can be used the next day after registration)
  • by contacting the call center of the Airline (in this case, the Airline sells services at a price in effect on the date and time of processing of the client's order (application, call)). The electronic certificate has a unique number, the validity period is 3 years from the date of issue (the date is indicated on the EMD). One EMD can be used in whole or in part only once.
  • If the purchase amount is less than the nominal value of the EMD, then the difference is issued with a new EMD, the validity of which also starts from the date of issuance (only when issued at the Airline's ticket offices or call center) EMD cannot be exchanged for cash. The owner of the EMD is solely responsible for the safety and transfer of the EMD to a third party. Refunds of a ticket or services previously paid for using EMD are issued with a new EMD in accordance with the Fare Application Conditions.
  • In the case of partial payment by credit card, the amount calculated for refund is fully registered for a new EMD.

* The services of the Airline's partners, including insurance, Aeroexpress tickets, etc., cannot be paid for with a certificate.

In the case of partial payment by credit card, the amount calculated for refund is fully registered for a new EMD.

The certificate is sent from the address: EMAILSERVER@POP3.AMADEUS.NET or EMAILSERVER@POP3.AMADEUS.NET

An example of what an electronic Certificate looks like.