Tickets Alma Ata - Simferopol

To purchase tickets for direct flights Alma Ata - Simferopol and flights with transfers, use the search and purchase form below.
To select a subsidized fare, check the box in the passenger selection menu and select dates. You can read more about how to buy a subsidized ticket through the website here .

Schedules Alma Ata - Simferopol

Check out the flight schedule Alma Ata - Simferopol for the coming days, or use the calendar to view the schedule for the coming months. Choose the best departure date and time for you and go on to the ticket issuing service.

Ural Airlines regularly arranges air ticket sales. Leave your reservation on the airline's website to buy tickets at a low price. Special offers are available in both high and low season.

To see as many interesting places and cities on the world map as possible, you just need to buy Ural Airlines tickets:

  • without a trip to the airport ticket office;

  • without leaving home or office;

  • in just a couple of clicks.

Ural Airlines tickets for the Almaty – Simferopol flight are official. Each passenger can be sure that he will get to their destination on time and with maximum convenience during the flight.

Rates and types of flights

The tariff policy of the carrier in all directions is democratic. Thanks to promotions on airline tickets, you can find a suitable option for the flight Almaty - Simferopol.

The official website of Ural Airlines offers its passengers flights:

  • business and economy class;

  • one-way trips with hand luggage or baggage. There is also the opportunity to buy round-trip air tickets, they will be cheaper due to advance seat reservation;

  • transfer flights, which last a little longer due to the presence of transfers on the route. But this option will cost the passenger cheaper and there is an opportunity to visit another city during the connection;

  • direct flights - take the minimum time.

A convenient schedule and competent organization of all stages of the trip create convenient conditions for cooperation for customers.

Features of our fleet

We provide transportation services for passengers and baggage on international and domestic flights in Russia. Flights are made on modernized aircraft from the European concern Airbus.

Since 2006, the carrier annually updates the model range of vehicles in order to ensure comfortable conditions on flights in all directions. In 2019, flights began to be carried out on a new model aircraft - the A320 Neo.

The official website of Ural Airlines - how to order tickets?

  1. In the special field on the main page of the site, enter data about your trip: the number of passengers, their age, city of departure and arrival, date of departure.
  2. After processing the information, you can familiarize yourself with the list of available seats on the flights Almaty - Simferopol. When choosing a suitable option, familiarize yourself with the beneficial promotions of the airline, they are marked with a special icon.
  3. You can book tickets in just a couple of clicks, choosing the desired flight and entering the passenger data: name, gender, data from the identity document. Do not forget to check the information for correctness.
  4. Ticket payment is carried out online using a credit card. At the stage of payment for the order, you must enter the details of the bank card: number, expiration date, name of owner, CVV-code.
  5. It is also possible to calculate through bonuses accumulated in the Wings system.
  6. In a couple of minutes, the itinerary receipt and flight information will arrive at the indicated email address.

Sale of tickets Almaty - Simferopol on the official website is carried out instantly. Within a minute you will receive a notification that the funds have been debited and the order has been paid.

The official website of Ural Airlines took care of your comfort and created a feedback form. If you are having difficulty buying tickets online, then managers will help you quickly solve any problem. Or just watch our video tutorial.

Why is it worth flying with us?

  1. Our tickets are a combination of favorable price, optimal comfort during the flight and high service.
  2. To regularly buy discounted tickets, you just need to subscribe to the news. Dozens of promotions and great deals every day!
  3. Transportation is carried out regularly, according to a convenient schedule, in more than 120 cities of the world.
  4. It is possible to order additional food on board. You can choose a menu to your taste: fish, meat, baby, vegetarian.
  5. Qualified staff creates a pleasant atmosphere and solves any problems from the stage of booking a ticket to the time of removal of baggage from the tape at the airport of arrival.

Free air tickets - it's real!

You can buy airline tickets for the Almaty – Simferopol route not only at tremendous discounts, but also get absolutely free!

To do this, you just need to become a member of the “Wings” bonus program:

  • You can register through your account on the website by filling out a short online application form;

  • each purchase of plane tickets is an additional bonus on your account;

  • accumulate any number of points or pay them for tickets immediately;

  • You can pay part or the full cost of the ticket in future flights.

Buy tickets with maximum benefit!

How to get from the airport to Simferopol?

Simferopol International Airport is 15 km from the center of the sunny city on the Crimean Peninsula. You can get there by different means of transport:

  • trolleybus - 50 minutes on the road;

  • bus - 35-40 minutes on the way;

  • taxi or rented car - within half an hour the passenger will be able to walk around the city.

Right on the website of Ural Airlines you can book a ticket for high-speed Aeroexpress - the most comfortable transfer option.

What is a must see in Simferopol?

  • Vorontsov Park - a botanical garden and a green pedestrian zone, which are located on the banks of Salgirka. On the territory there is a Vorontsov manor and preserved auxiliary structures, which are more than 200 years old.

  • Naples Scythian - a fortification city. Excavations are ongoing and at present, excursions are held in the territory.

  • Museum of Human Anatomy - more than 1200 exhibits are stored here that describe in detail the human body and its conditions. The museum can compete with the famous Kunstkamera.

Choose a reliable carrier with an ideal reputation - Ural Airlines. And buying tickets at a discount is easy, reliable and convenient!

Airports Simferopol:

Airport information below Simferopol . Follow the link to get more information about the airport, see the online scoreboard.