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In which country can ski resorts, beaches, health resorts, glass skyscrapers, small temples fit? Where can you meditate, looking at the serene beauty of the mountains, and then plunge into the crazy bustle of the metropolis? Where are the casinos and the desert, ancient architecture and the latest achievements of mankind, bright holidays and unimaginable cuisine? Flights to China open the door to controversial Asia.

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The Forbidden City is the largest palace complex in the world. Located in the center of Beijing, north of the main Tiananmen Square and east of the lake district

The Summer Imperial Palace is the summer residence of the Qing Dynasty emperors on the outskirts of Beijing. The park with more than 3,000 buildings is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Terracotta Army ”is the name of the burial site of at least 8,100 full-sized terracotta statues of Chinese soldiers at the mausoleum of Emperor Qin Shi Huang in Xi'an.

Potala Palace is a royal palace and a Buddhist temple complex located in Lhasa, in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China. Located on a high hill towering above the city.


When choosing a hotel, keep in mind that the traditional star classification applies only to international chains. Chinese hotels have their own classification. The inn is an analogue of a European hostel. The guest house is a modest 2 * -3 * hotel. Wine House - 4 *. And 5 * in the Chinese classification is not provided.


Chinese cuisine is a separate reason to travel. It varies from region to region. Common features are the use of rice, soy and vegetables. Impressions of exotic dishes are provided. Get ready to try swallow nest soup, a dish of snake and wild leopard cat, fried bear palms. For those who are not ready for experiments, there are different types of dumplings and Chinese noodles. Of alcoholic beverages in China, rice beer is common. But the Asian country is known for its tea ceremonies, which the locals are happy to organize for tourists.


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The price of the plane China June ticket depends on the fare you have chosen. The airline has developed several options, from "promo" to "Business". The promo rate is of low cost, but the services will be minimized. This option is worth choosing if you fly light and are sure of the dates of departure. If you plan, unrestrained shopping or transportation of ski equipment, you will have to pay extra.

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