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55 years ago, the Domodedovo - Koltsovo airway was opened

55 years ago, the Domodedovo - Koltsovo airway was opened


March 25, 2019 marks 55 years since the start of air traffic between Domodedovo and Koltsovo airports. Today at the international airport of Yekaterinburg a meeting of veterans of two airports and the Ural Airlines took place. Guests from Moscow were met at the Koltsovo Business Aviation Terminal. This is the first terminal building in Yekaterinburg. It was in it in 1964 that passengers of the first flight were received.

The first flight No. 139, which was carried out on a Tu-104 plane, exactly 55 years ago delivered one hundred passengers to Sverdlovsk from the capital of the Soviet Union. Today, Ural Airlines flight U6-273, which was completed on an Airbus A-320 aircraft, became a jubilee.

For Ural Airlines, Moscow and, in particular, Domodedovo Airport is a strategically important air hub, from where the air carrier operates more than 30% of all its flights.