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Ural Airlines extended elite statuses to the Wings program participants

Ural Airlines extended elite statuses to the Wings program participants


The airline joins the initiative of Russian air carriers and is ready to support its often flying customers, and provide an opportunity to accumulate bonuses and enjoy level privileges even in the conditions of temporary reduction of flights.
Ural Airlines extends the validity period of the Gold and Silver Cards of the Wings loyalty program until January 1, 2022. In addition, using bonuses is now not so easy, due to the reduction of the route network, therefore, for all bonuses accrued on March 20, 2020 for Gold and Silver level cards, the Airline extends its validity period by 1 year. Thus, the holders of Gold and Silver cards of the Wings loyalty program will be able to use them for 2 years from the date of accrual.
The Wings loyalty program is a unique opportunity for airline customers to receive a discount when buying airline tickets. For each flight on Ural Airlines flights, program participants receive bonuses in their account - up to 15% of the paid fare. Now you don’t need to save up “bonuses”, you can use the discount immediately after the bonuses have been credited to your account, or partially or fully pay for the next ticket.
You can join the program on the official website and receive welcome 500 bonuses, which can immediately be used as a discount on a ticket.