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Ural Airlines met the fifth Airbus neo

Ural Airlines met the fifth Airbus neo


A few hours ago, a new Airbus A321neo of Ural Airlines arrived at Koltsovo Airport from Hamburg. The aircraft side number is VP-BOQ. The passenger compartment capacity is 236 economy class passenger seats.

“This is the fifth Ural Airlines airline of the Airbus neo line, which I happened to fly. The new generation liners are equipped with LEAP-1A engines and sharklets, which reduce noise, fuel consumption and the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. The boards of this line will be used to increase the number of non-stop flights. ”- Sergey Glazkov, the commander of the flight detachment, who made the flight from Hamburg to the Urals, comments on the receipt of the new board.

The plane will leave for the first flight today, January 22. Passengers on the U6-266 flight Yekaterinburg - Moscow will be able to appreciate the improved cabin, air conditioning and lighting systems, spacious luggage racks and new ultra-thin passenger seats equipped with USB connectors.

Recall that the aircraft became the fifth of the neo line and the 48th aircraft in a row in the fleet of Ural Airlines.