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Important information for parents of minor children!

Important information for parents of minor children!


Since June 12 of this year, border authorities will no longer accept applications from citizens about their disagreement on the departure of a minor child from Russia. This is due to the entry into force of the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of May 31, according to which now such applications will need to be submitted not to the FSB border service, but to the migration units of the territorial bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs will not only accept, but also keep a record of these statements. In addition, the same functions are assigned to diplomatic missions or consular posts of the Russian Federation at the applicant's place of permanent residence outside Russia.

If a minor leaves Russia unaccompanied by his parents, adoptive parents, guardians or trustees, he must have with him not only a passport a notarized consent from one of these persons (original) for the departure of a minor citizen of Russia. This document must indicate the time of departure and the country that he intends to visit. However, consent from the second parent is also not required. The consent may contain information about two or more children.