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Attention for passengers departing from Prague Airport

Attention for passengers departing from Prague Airport


From March 1 to August 31, 2020, in connection with the reconstruction of the Prague airport named after Vaclav Havel, the passenger registration terminal was changed.

Registration of all flights of Ural Airlines will be carried out in Terminal 2. Next, to pass through passport control, you must proceed to Terminal 1, guided by information signs.

For the convenience of passengers, the airport organizes information teams, whose employees will be dressed in red uniforms. All the way from check-in desks to passport control, visual information will be made in four languages.

The arrival of passengers in Prague remains unchanged at terminal 1.

A VAT refund will be arranged near the registration desks in terminal 2, and a refund will remain in terminal 1.

The Ural Airlines ticket office will operate during check-in at terminal 2.

Please arrive at the Prague airport in advance.

Please note that all electronic devices, electronic cigarettes, portable chargers and other lithium batteries must not be carried in luggage, but only in hand luggage.

Map of Prague Airport here and here .