Information for passengers of canceled flights in connection with the coronavirus. More details
Attention passengers flying to Israel

Attention passengers flying to Israel


Due to the spread of coronavirus and the introduction by the Israeli government of compulsory quarantine of 14 days for all citizens entering the country, Ural Airlines cancels the following flights:

  • U6-829 / 830 Sochi-Tel Aviv-Sochi (19.03. And 22.03.)
  • U6-725 / 726 Yekaterinburg-Tel Aviv-Yekaterinburg (from 12.03. To 08.04.)
  • U6-897 / 898 Mineralnye Vody-Tel Aviv-Mineralnye Vody (29.03. And 02.04.)
  • U6-7021 / 7022 Domodedovo-Eilat (Ramon) -Domodedovo (from March 15 to April 23);

Passengers of canceled flights can issue an involuntary return at the place of purchase, or reissue it for another date or flight.

Starting March 10, 2020, all those entering Israel must confirm that they can go through home quarantine within two weeks. Self-isolation cannot be arranged in a hotel or any other accommodation that is not a private residence. Removal of restrictions depends on the development of the situation with the spread of coronavirus.

The airline allows passengers who fly to Israel from March 10 to April 5, 2020 to make an involuntary return of air tickets, postpone the departure date to a later date or change the flight direction (with a surcharge to the affordable fare). Fines are not levied.

To reissue and return tickets, you should contact the place of purchase.