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Refund bonuses with Skyeng flights

Refund bonuses with Skyeng flights


Flights are returning to our lives and now is the time to study English. Everything is simple - the more you do, the more bonuses are returned to the card in the Ural Airlines' Wings loyalty program.

The Wings program is a unique opportunity to spend bonuses on flights without waiting for the accumulation of a certain amount. 1 bonus = 1 ruble. If you have 500 bonuses in your account, then the next ticket can be bought at a discount of 500 rubles from the fare on the airline uralairlines.ru website or in the Uralairlines mobile application. With bonuses you can pay discounted rates and participating in the sale. After the flight, the card will return from 5% of the order value. Become a member right now: follow the link to the airline’s website and immediately get a discount on your ticket.

How to get bonuses:

For new Skyeng customers

  • 1100 bonuses when buying 8 classes
  • 1600 bonuses when buying 16 lessons
  • 2100 bonuses when buying 32 lessons
  • 2600 bonuses for the purchase of 64 lessons
  • 3000 bonuses when buying 8 classes for children

You can place an application on the website https://promo.skyeng.ru/uralairlines

For current Skyeng customers

- For all current students with an attached Wings loyalty program card, the WINGS promo code is available. Use it when paying for classes and get 3% of the amount paid in the form of bonuses.