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Advantageous opportunities of the Ural Airlines certificate

Advantageous opportunities of the Ural Airlines certificate


If your flight is canceled, a convenient way to save your money and spend it on a new trip in the future is a certificate.

Your advantages:

  • you can pay for a new ticket or additional services of the airline (seat selection, excess baggage, extra meals, transportation of a pet)
  • you can choose any direction of the route network
  • certificate validity 3 years from the date of registration
  • You can pay for a ticket with a certificate to another passenger (with the consent of the certificate holder)
  • By purchasing a new ticket for a certificate you can pay extra in cash to the required fare. If the cost of the purchased ticket is less, then a new certificate is automatically issued for the balance of funds

You can issue a certificate through the feedback form on the official website https://www.uralairlines.ru/good-info/online_help/ . If you have already left an application, then please wait for a specialist's response.

In order to use the certificate, you need to call the Airline by calling the passenger support service 8-800-77-00-262, or write a letter to the email address help@u6.ru , or contact any company cash desk (subject to work.

You can also issue a ticket or a certificate service for third parties by written consent from the certificate holder, or by personal request of the owner.