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AirportChertovitskaya - Voronezh (VOZ)

AirportChertovitskaya - Voronezh (VOZ)

How to get to the airport Chertovitskaya

Airport information Chertovitskaya

Country: Russia
City: Voronezh
IATA code: VOZ
GMT time zone: +4 UTC
Geographical coordinates of the airport Chertovitskaya: Latitude (51.812355), Longitude (39.226997)

Airport business lounges Chertovitskaya

Domestic flights

Platonovsky's Business Hall

(airport building, 2nd floor, right wing, common area),

7 (473) 210-78-00

International flights

Buninsky International Lines Business Hall

(airport building, 2nd floor, left wing, departure zone),

7 (473) 210-78-00
7 (473) 210-78-01