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To purchase tickets for direct flights Sochi - Chelyabinsk and flights with transfers, use the search and purchase form below.
To select a subsidized fare, check the box in the passenger selection menu and select dates. You can read more about how to buy a subsidized ticket through the website here .

Schedules Sochi - Chelyabinsk

Check out the flight schedule Sochi - Chelyabinsk for the coming days, or use the calendar to view the schedule for the coming months. Choose the best departure date and time for you and go on to the ticket issuing service.

Visiting the capital of the South Urals? Take a trip to the Chelyabinsk air using the services of Ural Airlines. On our website you can buy round-trip tickets from Sochi to Chelyabinsk at the best prices.

Features of buying tickets

To enjoy all the sights and get into the city, you first need to take care of purchasing the appropriate air tickets. Due to the constant improvement of service, the air carrier made this process as fast and comfortable as possible for its customers.

To search for tickets, go to the main page of the company's website.

In the search box, enter the data regarding the upcoming flight, namely:

  • city of arrival;
  • the number of travelers;
  • departure date;
  • information about the promo code and participation in loyalty programs.

After starting the search, the schedule and price of the ticket for the Sochi-Chelyabinsk plane will be displayed on the screen of your device, and you will only have to choose a suitable flight, indicate the information about the desired seat in the cabin, and proceed to payment.

Methods of payment for air tickets: non-cash, using cash.

For non-cash payments, enter your full name, payment card number, expiration date and CVV code in a special field. After confirming the payment, the paid tickets will be sent to your email address, along with an information brochure.

When paying in cash - contact the airport ticket office or a special point of sale.

Also, you can track special offers and promotions from the airline in order to be able to purchase cheap Sochi-Chelyabinsk flights.

Planning the way to the plane

After you have the tickets for the direct flight Sochi-Chelyabinsk in your hands, think over your route to the airport. In addition to personal transport, help from friends, taxi services and city minibuses, we advise you to pay attention to the high-speed Aeroexpress. He will bring you to the air station without traffic jams and force majeure. To save time, tickets for Aeroexpress can be purchased on the Ural Airlines website.

Choosing a reliable air carrier

If, while searching for tickets for a trip, you have any questions about why you should fly with us, a short overview of our achievements and services will help you make the right choice.

We are the leaders in air transportation both within the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad. For 27 years we have been combining east with west, and north with south, making distances invisible, and air travel fast and comfortable. The corporation has at its disposal ultra-modern hubs and maintenance points for ships, its own fleet of Airbus aircraft in the amount of 48 units, an advanced pilot school, whose pupils are trained in all the necessary skills and maneuvers.

If you decide to buy a ticket for the Sochi-Chelyabinsk plane, we are ready:

  • Provide information support. If you suddenly lost your suitcase, or you need a flight certificate, visa problems, and other issues are easily resolved with the help of technical and customer support specialists.

  • Show concern and respect, as well as ensure maximum comfort during and after flights with us. We organize our own transfer, group transportation or charter; we will deliver bulky goods or documents in value and safety; let us enter the salon with animals.

  • Provide additional service. We will prepare specialized meals, rent a car for transportation at the embarkation point or book a hotel.

Loyalty program "Wings"

Additionally, regular customers of Ural Airlines can become owners of additional privileges and bonuses. Each flight brings bonus points to a special customer account. The points obtained can be used to receive a discount when purchasing goods in partner stores, free choice of a seat in the cabin of the aircraft, on account of full or partial compensation for the cost of an air ticket, due to which the price of Sochi-Chelyabinsk flights will be almost imperceptible.

Points are awarded based on:

  • flight directions;
  • tariffication and ticket price;
  • rating of the participant.

We plan our leisure

Chelyabinsk, despite the status of a harsh industrial city, can surprise with the presence of a large number of beautiful places for cultural recreation and walks.

  • One of them is Aloe Pole, which is a huge national park. It has become a favorite place for citizens to meet and have fun with children.

  • In the historical museum of the South Urals, you can see more than 200 thousand unique exhibits and expositions.

  • The Chelyabinsk Railway Museum will allow you to get acquainted with the varieties of railway equipment from different times, listen to the exciting stories of the development of the railway in Russia and the world.

Hurry up to make your dreams of daring air travel come true, and the Ural Airlines team will make your flight unforgettable and as comfortable as possible.

Airports Chelyabinsk:

Airport information below Chelyabinsk . Follow the link to get more information about the airport, see the online scoreboard.