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How to provide copies of documents

How to provide copies of documents

The order of the issuer to provide copies of documents, the mandatory disclosure of which is provided by the Regulation on Disclosure by issuers of emission securities, approved by the Order of the Federal Financial Market Service No. 06-117/p-n 10.10.2006

Any interested person can read these documents at the location of the permanent executive body of the issuer: Russia, Sverdlovsk Region, Yekaterinburg. Morning, d.1-g;

The issuer, at the request of any interested party, provides a copy of the required quarter (year) documents for a fee not exceeding the cost of making such a copy, within a period of no more than 7 days from the date of the claim;

Bank details of the issuer's checking account to pay for the cost of making copies of the documents:

Ural Airlines, Yekaterinburg, Per. Morning, d.1-g
Estimated score: 4070281060000002866
Correspondence account: 301018102000000767
Ural Transport Bank in Yekaterinburg
BIC: 046551767
OKONH: 51,300
OKPO: 32257812
PPC: 660850001

The cost of making copies of these documents:

  • 5 rubles/ sheet - the cost of a one-way copy;
  • 7 rubles/ sheet - the cost of a two-way copy.

Copies of these documents are provided by the issuer at the request of interested parties for the required period of time, but not exceeding the deadline for the document to be stored;

Copies of these documents are certified by the authorized person of the issuer.