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Ordering and booking group transportation

We fly in a group
Working with an order
To work with an order, you need to go to your personal account , then select the "Orders" tab. The progress of the discussion of the order is duplicated by e-mail, which was indicated during registration. Discussion of the order ends when the order is assigned statuses - issued, deleted, refused. In this case, the order is placed in the history section.
Discuss the terms of the tariff with the manager
The form for adding a comment is located at the bottom of the page.
Confirm the proposed rates
During the discussion, managers will offer you tariffs.
If they suit you, please indicate it on the form.
Provide payer details
A form for filling in the details will appear in the open order. Fill it out and send it to the manager for verification.
Agree the formed contract
If you are satisfied with the terms of the contract, agree on the contract in the form of approval.
Pay the received invoice
You can pay the invoice by bank transfer or by credit card.
Provide data
To place an order, send the data to the managers.

More information on the instructions for arranging group transportation can be found here .

The term group applies to a group of passengers who fly together on one or more segments of the route. According to the airline's rules, a group of passengers with a minimum of 10 people can benefit from group discounts.

For the group fare, the ticket price for all passengers will be the same. The group tariff applies only when the number of people in the group is 10 or more people.

General flight conditions for the group:

  • Group fare is provided for a group of more than 10 people, excluding infants under 2 years old who travel without a seat.
  • Once the group booking has been confirmed, a deposit must be paid. It covers part of the ticket price.
  • The names of the members of the group who will travel on the group fare can be without penalty only until the tickets are issued. After check-out, the airline is obliged to apply a penalty in case of changing the name of passengers
  • It is also impossible to change the date and time of the flight after the tickets have been issued.
  • Cancellation of a booked and already confirmed group flight entails a fine. Its size depends on the fare, the itinerary and the cancellation period.

The type of group fare and the price of tickets are determined individually. The cost depends on the workload of flights in the chosen direction, as well as on the data provided by the customer on the group flight.

After making a request for a group flight, the airline will offer several fares and flight options if your itinerary involves connecting flights. You can choose the most convenient option from the proposed options.

Note. The offered fare may be higher than the price of the individual requested seat on board the aircraft for the same flight. This is due to the fact that the number of cheap seats on board is minimal and usually does not exceed 2-4.

The main advantages of group booking:

  • Advance booking possible. In most cases, group bookings can be booked 12 months before the flight.
  • Both cash and non-cash payment methods are available to pay for tickets at a group fare.
  • Before tickets are issued, you can change the names and surnames of passengers, changing the composition of the group if necessary.
  • After confirming the seats, you can get a list with data for each passenger in the group. This is convenient for obtaining a visa.

To find a suitable flight and fare for your group, contact our manager at the specified phone number. We will quickly select the most favorable travel conditions for you.