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Ural Airlines offer alternative flights instead of Georgia at no additional cost

Ural Airlines offer alternative flights instead of Georgia at no additional cost


In connection with the temporary ban on flights to Georgia, Ural Airlines is offering passengers who have bought tickets to the cities of Georgia for flights after July 8 to consider other routes so as not to cancel their long-awaited vacation.

Passengers can change their transportation without surcharges and go to Moscow and St. Petersburg, which are full of cultural life, to the hot sea resorts of the Russian south, Azerbaijan and the Kaliningrad region, to hiking in Altai, on a tour of Lake Baikal, Kolyma or to friends and relatives living in the other end of our country, as well as increase vitality in the Caucasian Mineral Waters.

Among the routes of Ural Airlines there is sure to find the flight you need:

Ekaterinburg-Moscow Moscow-Anapa Samara Anapa
Ekaterinburg-Anapa Moscow-Barnaul Samara-Sochi
Yekaterinburg-Blagoveshchensk Moscow-Gelendzhik Samara-Simferopol
Yekaterinburg-Gelendzhik Moscow-Irkutsk Samara-Baku
Ekaterinburg-Krasnodar Moscow-Krasnodar Samara-Yerevan
Ekaterinburg-Krasnoyarsk Moscow-Mineralnye Vody Samara Osh
Yekaterinburg-Mineralnye Vody Moscow-Novosibirsk Samara-Dushanbe
Yekaterinburg-Saint Petersburg Moscow-Omsk Saint Petersburg-Simferopol
Ekaterinburg-Sochi Moscow, Saint Petersburg Saint Petersburg-Kaliningrad
Ekaterinburg-Simferopol Moscow-Sochi Saint Petersburg-Yerevan
Ekaterinburg-Kaliningrad Moscow-Tomsk Saint Petersburg-Osh
Ekaterinburg-Yerevan Moscow-Tyumen Saint Petersburg-Dushanbe
Ekaterinburg-Baku Moscow-Chelyabinsk Saint Petersburg-Khujand
Ekaterinburg-Bishkek Moscow-Chita Krasnodar-Yerevan
Ekaterinburg-Osh Moscow-Blagoveshchensk Krasnodar-Dushanbe
Ekaterinburg-Khujand Moscow-Simferopol Krasnodar-Khujand
Yekaterinburg-Tashkent Moscow-Kaliningrad Krasnodar-Tashkent
Yekaterinburg-Magadan Moscow-Yerevan Sochi-Yerevan
Ekaterinburg-Yakutsk Moscow-Bishkek

Recall that the airline canceled all flights and closed the sale of airline tickets to Georgia in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation dated 06/21/2019 "On certain measures to ensure the national security of the Russian Federation and protect citizens of the Russian Federation from criminal and other illegal actions."

Passengers who bought tickets to Georgia with departure dates after July 08, 2019 will be refunded the full price of the tickets, or the flight itinerary reissued. To do this, contact the place of purchase. We ask passengers who have issued an involuntary return to be patient in connection with a large number of requests. All funds will be returned in order of priority.

The telephone number of the airline hotline is 8-800-700-26-82.