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Ural Airlines has summed up the anniversary of 2018

Ural Airlines has summed up the anniversary of 2018


According to the results of the jubilee 2018, Ural Airlines transported 9,000 579 passengers (+ 13% compared to 2017). On the domestic air lines (VVL) - 4 894 305 people, on the international air lines (MVL) - 2 283 595 people, in the CIS - 1 822 679 people. In total, 61,634 flights were performed during this period (+ 11% by 2017), among them the domestic flights - 33,917, the international flights - 14,766, the CIS - 12,951. Passenger traffic grew by 13% and amounted to 21,697,971 thousand passengers. km

In December 2018, 579,192 passengers took advantage of the airline's services, which is 3% higher than in 2017. 307 473 people were transported on domestic air lines (VVL), 95 729 people were transported on international air lines (MVL) and 175 990 people in the neighboring countries (CIS). In December, Ural Airlines completed 4,471 flights (+ 3% compared to the previous year), including 713 flights on the MVL, 2,370 on the domestic flights and 1,388 on the CIS countries.

In 2018, the airline opened new directions: Vladivostok-Sapporo, Zhukovsky-Almaty, Zhukovsky-Prague, Moscow-Frankfurt, St. Petersburg-Frankfurt, Moscow-Surgut and to Bologna from six Russian cities. Also, the air carrier began flying from another Moscow Sheremetyevo airport to Yekaterinburg, Simferopol and Sochi.

The airline fleet replenished with four new aircraft (three A321 and one A320). Now the Ural Airlines fleet consists of 47 aircraft. In 2019, the airline plans to maintain the growth dynamics of production indicators, significantly expand the flight program by purchasing new aircraft of the Airbus A320 neo and Boeing 737 MAX 8 family.