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Ural Airlines received the first Airbus A320neo

Ural Airlines received the first Airbus A320neo


IMG_1475.jpg Ural Airlines fleet replenishes the first Airbus A320neo with tail number VP-BRX. The liner was obtained directly from the Airbus conveyor in Toulouse and will be operated under an operating lease agreement with CDB Aviation. Ural Airlines became the first Russian airline to have an Airbus A320neo with LEAP-1A engines from CFM International in its fleet. Compared with modern counterparts, these engines have high fuel efficiency and can reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. The wing of the aircraft is equipped with wingtips (sharklets) made of composite materials that improve the aerodynamic characteristics of the aircraft. The liner is more efficient in operation - fuel consumption is reduced by 20%, and the flight range is greater than the previous generation.

The aircraft has a two-class cabin layout, designed to accommodate eight passengers in the business class and 168 in the economy. The cabin is the widest among the competitors, it has improved sound insulation and the most spacious luggage racks. IMG_8416.jpg In addition, Airbus specialists upgraded the panels above the passenger seats. They have become more convenient to use, equipped with LED reading lamps, light from which is easier to perceive with the eye.

An advanced air conditioning system developed by the manufacturer guarantees the freshness of the air and its even distribution in the cabin, allowing you to completely replace the air every two minutes.

The Airbus A320neo is the quietest aircraft of this class. The external noise level is 19 dB lower than ICAO requirements, and the take-off sound track area is 50% less than the previous generation aircraft.

By the end of 2019, the airline will receive four more new aircraft, including two Airbus A321neo. Very soon, Ural Airlines passengers will be able to experience the new level of comfort that these modern aircraft offer. The airline plans to operate the A320neo both domestically and internationally.