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Ural Airlines launches on-board catering

Ural Airlines launches on-board catering


Order food from the plane and save bonuses for future trips.

In order not to forget about the pleasant moments of travel, Ural Airlines launches its own food delivery from the on-board ration for residents of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg.

Everything is like in an airplane, except for the view from the window. What do you want?

  • - A hen
  • - meat
  • - Fish
  • - The drinks

All dishes are served in accordance with all the rules of aviation cuisine, so the airline guarantees the quality and safety. Rations are delivered exclusively in travel carts familiar to travelers.

You can order food on the airline’s website.

And in order to fully feel yourself in flight, 5% of the amount of each order will be credited with bonuses on the Wings loyalty card. You can register for the program on the airline’s website .