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Attention passengers departing from Xi'an

Attention passengers departing from Xi'an


Due to the serious epidemiological situation in China, all aircraft arriving at Xi'an Airport undergo sanitary and epidemiological control. This procedure lasts a long time due to the high load on medical services of the airport of Xian. In this connection, passengers of flight U6-746 are forced to wait in line for an aircraft check while on the plane for several hours. Due to the current situation, all services of the Xi'an airport operate in emergency mode. The provision of drinks and food at the terminal is prohibited by the sanitary-epidemiological service of the PRC.

The airline recommends that passengers departing from the airport of Xi'an on 01.02, 03.02, 05.02 with U6-764 flight carry warm clothes and food stock, which is not forbidden for carrying in hand luggage.

Food and drinks at the request of passengers will be provided in Yekaterinburg upon arrival.