Tickets Irkutsk - Yekaterinburg

Tickets Irkutsk - Yekaterinburg

To purchase tickets for direct flights Irkutsk - Yekaterinburg and flights with transfers, use the search and purchase form below.
To select a subsidized fare, check the box in the passenger selection menu and select dates. You can read more about how to buy a subsidized ticket through the website here .

Schedules Irkutsk - Yekaterinburg

Check out the flight schedule Irkutsk - Yekaterinburg for the coming days, or use the calendar to view the schedule for the coming months. Choose the best departure date and time for you and go on to the ticket issuing service.

Are you planning a trip from Irkutsk to Yekaterinburg and want to save money from your budget? Ural Airlines has prepared a special offer for you. Now you can move between Russian cities quickly, comfortably, and most importantly inexpensively. To do this, book cheap air tickets Irkutsk-Yekaterinburg at the "Promo" tariff.

What is our special offer?

We have created a fare for you that allows you to fly cheaper than in economy! This offer will be beneficial for those who fly for a short time to visit or for work. If you have a little luggage with you, namely hand luggage up to 5 kg and a suitcase or bag up to 10 kg, then this fare will suit you perfectly. It also includes a standard lunch on board. If you want to order an additional service that will provide you with comfort, then you can do it with a surcharge.

We save your time, so you can also find out the schedule and ticket price for the plane Irkutsk-Yekaterinburg on the website.

It is comfortable to fly with Ural Airlines

As always, we use only time-tested Airbus vessels to transport passengers. Our experienced staff are happy to welcome you on board to ensure your flight is comfortable.

In order to buy a ticket Irkutsk-Yekaterinburg, you do not need to waste time and arrive in advance at our ticket office. To do this, you can use the capabilities of our convenient website or a special application developed for smartphones.

How do I book a ticket now?

  • At the top of your site or app, look for a direction line. Enter the required route and departure date.

  • Our program will select all available flight options and give you.

  • Click on the option you want. All the necessary information will be written right there - what time the departure, travel time and 4 basic tariffs are offered - promo, economy, premium economy and business. If you are interested in cheap tickets, then you need to choose the "Promo" tariff. The price of the Irkutsk-Yekaterinburg ticket is indicated right here.

  • Fill in all passenger information, enter your contact details and proceed with your purchase.

  • At this stage, you will be offered a list with additional services that you can purchase in addition to the basic package. There is a special menu, and transportation of more luggage, and the opportunity to choose the best seat, and a flight with a pet.

  • Check all the points and continue.

  • The next step is payment. We have provided the most convenient options for you - payment by card, through the Apple Pay application, payment with bonuses from the Wings affiliate program, or buying a ticket in installments through the Money Wall service.

  • As soon as the payment is made, all the necessary information about the reservation will be sent to your mail.

Remember, if you are a Wings member, you will be able to use your points to pay for your next travels. Any ticket purchase will be accompanied by a 5% cashback per card.

What sights to visit in Yekaterinburg?

  • If you want to get to know the city better, visit the Historical Museum. There are many interactive sites where you can see ancient artifacts, photos and other detailed objects that immerse you in history. The museum is located in old houses on Karl Liebknecht Street, the interior of which also enhances the experience.

  • Want to see a real miracle of nature? Visit the stone tents located within the city limits. These granite rocks are located near Lake Shartash and reach a height of 12 meters. They are over 300 million years old.

  • If you love animals, then you can visit the city zoo, which was built in 1930 and since that time pleases children and adults all year round. Elephant, kangaroo, monkeys and many other animals inhabit a large area of the zoo.

Buying tickets for a direct flight Irkutsk-Yekaterinburg from us, you save not only your precious time, but also money. Our special offer will allow you to travel no more expensive than by train, but with more comfort. Choosing Ural Airlines, you choose freedom and save your money!

Airports Yekaterinburg:

Airport information below Yekaterinburg . Follow the link to get more information about the airport, see the online scoreboard.