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Tickets St. Petersburg - Yekaterinburg

Tickets St. Petersburg - Yekaterinburg

To purchase tickets for direct flights St. Petersburg - Yekaterinburg and flights with transfers, use the search and purchase form below.

Schedules St. Petersburg - Yekaterinburg

Check out the flight schedule St. Petersburg - Yekaterinburg for the coming days, or use the calendar to view the schedule for the coming months. Choose the best departure date and time for you and go on to the ticket issuing service.

Do you need cheap flights from St. Petersburg to Yekaterinburg? On the website of the Ural Airlines company you can book tickets at the best prices. We regularly have promotions and discounts, so you can buy a cheap ticket for a flight in any direction.

Turning to our airline, you get:

  • Comfortable flight economy or business class.

  • High-quality service and first-class passenger service.

  • Optimum prices for flights St. Petersburg-Yekaterinburg and other destinations.

  • Convenient ways to book 24/7 and pay for tickets.

  • A wide range of additional services for the most comfortable trip.

Air fleet

In 2019, the airline became the owner of 47 airliners that operate both on domestic and international routes. Airbus vehicles undergo a full range of diagnostics and maintenance every year.

In 2006, Ural Airlines launched a program to modernize and update the air fleet. The transport fleet is annually replenished with new aircraft models. All liners have international certificates.

How to book a ticket?

It is easy and convenient to buy tickets for a direct flight from St. Petersburg to Ekaterinburg on our website.

In order to make a purchase you need to follow a simple instruction:

  • Open the main page of our website and enter data on the cities between which the flight is carried out. In the appropriate columns indicate the date of flight and the number of passengers.

  • After clicking the “search” button, a list of available flights with free seats will be displayed on your screen. If there is a special offer for any flight, you will see the corresponding icons.

  • Having selected a suitable flight, a screen will appear on the screen for entering personal data of passengers.

  • After registration, an email will be sent to your e-mail with detailed flight information and a route receipt.

There are several ways to pay for a ticket. In order not to stand in line, you can use the bank transfer service. To do this, you just need to enter the necessary data in the payment window.

You can also buy a ticket for the St. Petersburg-Yekaterinburg plane for your bonuses accumulated when participating in the Wings program. You can pay for your ticket with bonus funds in full or in part.

For your convenience, we have created a video tutorial on buying tickets online:

We care about the comfort of our customers, so you can always choose the range of additional services that is optimal for the cost.

Why choose Ural Airlines?

  • Choose your own any suitable place in the cabin.

  • Travel with your pets. You can add them to your reservation by selecting the appropriate section on our website.

  • Adjust power during flight. You can choose an additional portion, order a meat, children's, fish or vegetarian menu.

  • Take all the necessary things with you. Just adjust the amount of luggage when pre-booking a ticket and get rid of unnecessary hassle and waiting.

  • Organize your trip rationally with Ural Airlines. On our website you can not only buy round-trip St. Petersburg-Yekaterinburg tickets, but also immediately book a place in Aeroexpress, which will take you to the airport.

Bonus program "Wings"

Do you often use the services of our airlines? Then you should carefully read the “Wings” loyalty program. By becoming a member, you can receive bonuses for each ticket purchased by Ural Airlines. Bonus funds are also accumulated when ordering goods in our company online store.

You can spend the received bonuses on the purchase of the next ticket. However, you do not need to wait until a sufficient amount has accumulated in the account. You can pay for your ticket with bonus funds in full or in part.

How to get to the airport?

You can get there by regular bus, taxi or private car. However, these modes of transport cannot be called reliable, because you run the risk of getting stuck in traffic and missing your flight.

The best way is to use the services of Aeroexpress. You can buy a ticket for an electric train that will take you directly to the airport on our website, simultaneously with booking a ticket. Take care of a comfortable ride right away and on the day of departure you won’t worry that the taxi will not arrive on time or that the scheduled bus will break down along the road.

After you got off the plane in Yekaterinburg, you can use the transfer services. With convenient transport you can quickly reach the hotel and relax after the trip.

What places are worth visiting in Yekaterinburg:

  • Red line. Walking along the designated walking route, you will see more than 35 attractions of the city.

  • Dam. The picturesque city pond with a beautiful promenade is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful places in the city.

  • House of Sevastyanov. Reconstructed in 2008, the palace impresses with its magnificent design and elaborate decorations.

Do you want the flight to be as comfortable as possible? Then book airline tickets for Ural Airlines. For your convenience, the schedule and price of the ticket St. Petersburg-Yekaterinburg is on our website.

Airports Yekaterinburg:

Airport information below Yekaterinburg . Follow the link to get more information about the airport, see the online scoreboard.