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Tickets Yekaterinburg - St. Petersburg

Tickets Yekaterinburg - St. Petersburg

To purchase tickets for direct flights Yekaterinburg - St. Petersburg and flights with transfers, use the search and purchase form below.

Schedules Yekaterinburg - St. Petersburg

Check out the flight schedule Yekaterinburg - St. Petersburg for the coming days, or use the calendar to view the schedule for the coming months. Choose the best departure date and time for you and go on to the ticket issuing service.

Ural Airlines is a reliable carrier that provides comfortable conditions for flights to 150 countries of the world, promptly solves any travel problems that arise with passengers, and is set for compromises and mutually beneficial cooperation.

If you need to buy a ticket for Ekaterinburg - St. Petersburg on optimal conditions right now, hurry up to visit our website!

A modern fleet is the key to a comfortable trip

  • An annual modernization is underway, starting in 2006.

  • Flights are operated on 45 Airbus liners with various capacities.

  • In 2019, a novelty appeared - the A320 Neo aircraft. It has a high speed, which allows you to slightly reduce the duration of the flight.

Regular quality control of flights and the passage of maintenance allows the fleet to receive relevant international certificates.

How to book tickets?

  1. Open the main page of the Ural Airlines website. There are special windows for entering information about the point of departure and arrival, flight date, number of passengers.

  2. After an instant search, you will see a list of current flights with an indication of pricing.

  3. After choosing the right option for the flight, click on it. At the next stage, you need to select a travel fare and enter the personal data of travelers for quick booking.

  4. Pay for your order in a couple of clicks.

  5. The itinerary receipt and all information about the flight will be sent to the indicated email address.

It is possible to buy round-trip Ekaterinburg - St. Petersburg tickets in just a couple of minutes, in a comfortable environment and in a comfortable period of time. Do you have technical difficulties? Just call the airline managers and they will help solve any problem.

How is the order paid?

Each client can use a credit card of any payment system to pay for ordered tickets.

To do this, during payment of the order, in special windows, enter the data: name of the card holder, its number, validity period, CVV code. Information is transmitted using modern encryption systems and is not available to third parties.

The funds are written off instantly so that the customer can receive the booked tickets in a timely manner.

For your convenience, we have created a video tutorial on buying tickets online:

Several arguments for choosing Ural Airlines

  1. Schedule and price of plane tickets Yekaterinburg - St. Petersburg are always relevant, beneficial and available to each client. There are options with a departure in the morning or at night, various fares for the flight, so that the trip goes comfortably and is remembered with pleasant emotions.

  2. The site constantly holds discounts and sales that allow you to travel around the world almost for free. Hurry to be in time!

  3. All passengers can order additional food on board: from meat to vegetarian to your taste.

  4. You can book tickets in just a couple of clicks at any time of the day. In touch round-the-clock customer support to address possible technical nuances.

  5. Subscribe to the newsletter and get the latest information on great offers.

Save your travel budget!

  • To purchase cheap flights Ekaterinburg - St. Petersburg, you just need to become part of the Wings bonus program.

  • Registration takes several minutes and is carried out online in your account.

  • Each subsequent purchase of tickets allows you to receive bonus points to your personal account. They can be saved or spent right away, paying part or all of the cost of tickets on future trips.

  • The number of points depends on the chosen fare, destination, and flight price.

  • There are three levels of participation: blue, silver and gold. They are assigned to the client depending on the number of flights made per year.

We are going from the airport to the Northern capital

Have you bought tickets for the direct flight Yekaterinburg - St. Petersburg and don’t know how to get to the city? Between Pulkovo and St. Petersburg the distance is 23 km. To get to the city, you can use the following transport options:

  • bus - regularly run from each of the terminals. They deliver passengers either to the nearest metro station for transfer, or to central stations;

  • taxi - the average fare and travel speed make this transfer option the most comfortable;

  • car rental at the airport service.

If you travel through Moscow, then choose a ride on the Aeroexpress. It is fast, comfortable, profitable and reliable. You can buy a ticket when booking tickets on the site. The system will prompt a favorable tariff and instantly send an electronic ticket.

3 places to see in St. Petersburg

  • The Hermitage is one of the largest galleries in the world, where unique collections of paintings and sculptures are collected. Additional exhibitions of European museums are regularly held.

  • Peterhof is an extensive complex of structures with unusual architecture, a system of fountains and a large garden with chic landscape design. Suitable for walking at any time of the year.

  • The Winter Palace is a monumental ensemble on a vast area, characterized by a unique design and exquisite decor elements. You can get on excursions inside the building.

The price of Ekaterinburg-St. Petersburg flights from Ural Airlines allows you to regularly visit the Northern capital on business matters or for interesting leisure.

Airports St. Petersburg:

Airport information below St. Petersburg . Follow the link to get more information about the airport, see the online scoreboard.