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To purchase tickets for direct flights Yekaterinburg - Kazan and flights with transfers, use the search and purchase form below.
To select a subsidized fare, check the box in the passenger selection menu and select dates. You can read more about how to buy a subsidized ticket through the website here .

Schedules Yekaterinburg - Kazan

Check out the flight schedule Yekaterinburg - Kazan for the coming days, or use the calendar to view the schedule for the coming months. Choose the best departure date and time for you and go on to the ticket issuing service.

Still thinking that air travel is expensive? We will prove you otherwise! Take only the essentials with you on your trip and enjoy an economical flight.

What is included in the "Promo" tariff

In the price for the Ekaterinburg-Kazan flight, we included only the minimum necessary for a comfortable trip: the cost of the seat itself on board the airliner, hand luggage up to 5 kg, and one suitcase up to 10 kg. To make you feel as comfortable as possible during the flight, we offer a number of additional services that you can purchase. This list includes the carriage of extra baggage, menu selection, the ability to transport a pet, choose your favorite seat on board the aircraft and other services.

You can pay for your ticket in any way convenient for you: by credit card, through the Apple Pay application or by bonuses accumulated during your participation in our Wings program. It is also possible to arrange an installment plan through Money Wall.

For purchased tickets for a direct flight Ekaterinburg-Kazan at the "Promo" tariff, you will receive cashback in the amount of 5% or more per card. Tickets booked at this rate are not refundable.

In this direction, you can also choose economy, premium economy and business tariffs.

We care about your comfort

Ural Airlines is one of the largest air carriers in Russia. We have been engaged in passenger transportation since 1993. For 27 years of our work, we have created a high-quality service system and acquired an excellent material and technical base.

For passenger transportation, we use only modern aircraft of the European concern Airbus. All of our airliners are ideally suited for long journeys.

Before each departure, we conduct a thorough technical inspection and diagnostics. Our aircraft are regularly inspected at the company's specialized diagnostic centers.

Our airline is not only cheap Ekaterinburg-Kazan flights, but also always polite qualified employees. Our flight attendants professionally supervise the flight and answer all your questions.

The most convenient way to buy a ticket for the Yekaterinburg-Kazan plane

Book flights without leaving your home! No queues or long waiting times! You can book a seat on board the aircraft directly on our website or through our branded application. To buy a ticket, you need to follow simple instructions:

  • In the form on your screen, indicate the desired direction and date of your trip.

  • Choose the most suitable option from the list of available flights.

  • At the bottom of the screen 4 tariffs will be presented, select the position you need.

  • If you have a promotional code or certificate to receive a discount, you can use them by indicating the number in the appropriate field.

  • After that, enter all the requested data on the number of passengers, contact information and personal data.

  • A list of additional services will be displayed on the screen. If you want to buy any of them, just select the appropriate positions.

  • After you have specified all the requested information, a form for entering payment details will appear on the screen. At this stage, you can choose the most convenient payment option for you, including bonuses of the "Wings" program.

  • After you have completed the payment, we will send an email with your reservation and an information booklet for your flight.

You can find out the schedule and price of the Ekaterinburg-Kazan ticket on our website or in the smartphone application.

What sights of Kazan can be seen:

  • The Kul Sharif Mosque is an incredibly beautiful building with four minarets 58 m high. You can see not only the luxurious architecture, but also the incredibly interesting Museum of Islam, which is located inside the mosque.

  • The Temple of All Religions is one of the most interesting places in the city. One building contains 16 different religions. Among them there are also those religions that no longer exist.

  • Syuyumbike Tower - an ancient tower with a height of 60 looks very unusual. This amazing building has an equally interesting history. According to legend, Queen Syuyumbike grieved incredibly after the death of her husband and decided to perpetuate her love in this extraordinary building.

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Airports Kazan:

Airport information below Kazan . Follow the link to get more information about the airport, see the online scoreboard.