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Schedules Moscow - Mumbai

Check out the flight schedule Moscow - Mumbai for the coming days, or use the calendar to view the schedule for the coming months. Choose the best departure date and time for you and go on to the ticket issuing service.

Is a business trip an integral part of your profession? A new trip is approaching, and you urgently need to buy tickets for the Mumbai-Moscow flight at an affordable cost? The task is feasible! On the official website of Ural Airlines you can quickly order travel documents and you can avoid long lines.

The smartphone is in the hands, the page is open - what's next?

Fill in the proposed directions and the date of your business trip. The system will analyze the set parameters and quickly select the available options. Decide what class you are going to fly and start choosing a seat on board the airliner. Prepare a passport and fill in the details about yourself, mail address and contact phone number. Having checked the correctness of filling, and having fixed the right of reservation, proceed to making the payment.

Payment Nuances

The fastest way to make a payment is with a bank card, by filling out the following details:

  • Name of credit card holder

  • digits of the individual card number

  • validity

  • unique CVV code

In case of successful passage of a payment order, Mumbai-Moscow flights will be on e-mail. Recheck the correctness of the order so that if there is an error, you can fix it soon.

If there was a failure or there are no signs of the fact of payment, dial the technical support service for passengers. Competent managers will solve the problem and re-issue your order.

Tickets can be purchased for cash at the airport ticket offices, or at pick-up points, which are in all areas of the capital.

Air Fleet of our Company

The concern has 48 narrow-body Airbus and experienced crews who have undergone specialized training in our flight center, know how to behave in any situation. We also own repair and diagnostic hubs in Koltsovo, Domodedovo and Pulkovo. In 2019, UA earned the trust of more than 9.6 million people and confirmed the title of one of the best air carriers in the Russian Federation.

Why are Ural Airlines popular among Russian citizens?

The secret is very simple. All thanks to a clear-cut consumer service concept. Choosing us, each passenger will experience the European level of service and an attentive attitude to comfort not only during the flight, but also before boarding the aircraft. We are loyal and always go to meet. Therefore, with pleasure:

  • organize charters and transfers;

  • prepare conference rooms;

  • transport bedridden patients and non-mobile people;

  • find a hotel for you or rent a car;

  • we help children, pregnant women or people who have decided for the first time to overcome a thousand kilometers by plane to cope with stress;

  • provide additional food;

  • we transport bulky goods.

How to get to the runway faster?

Before you start check-in for a flight to the capital, or in the opposite direction Moscow-Mumbai, 3 hours are left, and you still have not decided how to get to the airbus ramp? We advise you to hurry to take your place in the cabin on time. Try to ride with the breeze on the ultra-modern and comfortable Aeroexpress! A high-speed train will travel from the center to the final stop in a short period of time, and you will avoid downtime in protracted traffic jams.

Also help to get:

  • municipal taxi;

  • train;

  • regular bus.

Or, for example, a private car that can be parked in a guarded parking lot before your return. It is up to you to decide.

You fly more - you spend less

To receive benefits from each purchase, whether it is air tickets on a direct flight Mumbai-Moscow or the purchase of goods in partner stores, really with the Wings program. From each paid price, bonuses equivalent to the domestic currency (ruble) will be credited to your account. Collect points, and cover trips in whole or in part. Track promotions on the electronic resource, and stay tuned for updates to the “special offers” section. Then you will always be aware of all the events and have time to grab a profitable ticket.

For the most curious

Traveling to Moscow sights should begin with Red Square and the Kremlin. But, in addition to visiting typical places, we recommend that you pay attention to several more interesting locations of the metropolis:


  1. Art Park "Museon". A unique platform with thematic areas: a park with Japanese sculptures, an open-air cinema and the School pavilion. Good mood and positive emotions are guaranteed.

  2. An entertaining museum "Experimentium" is an entertainment center for science lovers. A real-time attraction that allows you to take part in chemical experiments, try your hand at physics and mechanics, understand the nature of electricity and magnetism. Every visitor will be able to discover the secrets of the universe.

  3. Pharmaceutical garden - an evergreen oasis with a variety of flowers and shrubs. In summer it is great to stroll and breathe in the spicy aromas, and in winter - to skate on pink ice.

We bring together 25 countries that are located thousands of kilometers apart. Ural Airlines will simplify your life, reduce the distance not only between cities, but also between your dreams of knowing this world, and telling uncharted, colorful places!

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