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If you have a need to visit Barnaul, and you are in the capital, we suggest you use the services of Ural Airlines. Our company will give you a pleasant and comfortable flight with a distance of thousands of kilometers.

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Our airline confidently takes one of the first places in the ranking of carriers in terms of passenger traffic. She started her way in 1993 and gradually introducing new technologies, she managed to become a company with a world-class service. Our fleet today includes 48 Airbuses, many hubs, and a personal pilot training school.

To make it comfortable for you to travel with you, we have included additional features in the list of our services. We are sure that this will give you a lot of positive emotions, and your flight will take place in a calm, relaxed atmosphere.

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  • Travel with your pets - from a canary to a dog. To book a seat, simply select an additional service when you decide to buy a ticket for the Moscow-Barnaul plane.

  • You or your child won't go hungry. We have provided for the possibility of ordering an additional portion of food, and have also developed several types of menus, including vegetarian, meat, fish, and children.

  • If you need to carry extra baggage, just check it in when you buy your ticket, saving yourself a headache.

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The price of flights Moscow-Barnaul from Ural Airlines is affordable, but these are not all the "goodies" that we offer. The Wings Bonus Program is designed to cut costs and motivate you to fly with us as often as possible.

By registering in the system and buying tickets for any flight, or making purchases in partner stores from the squeak given on the website. You receive points to your bonus account. By accumulating them, you get the opportunity to pay for air tickets for the direct flight Moscow-Barnaul, as well as for other available destinations, in part or in full. Points can also be used to pay for additional services.

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All you need is to choose the direction of the flight and the date of departure. For your convenience, we have posted the schedule and price of tickets for the Moscow-Barnaul plane on our website. Next, you will be taken to a form where you will be asked to choose seats in the cabin, enter information about your luggage, and also use additional services, if necessary. You can pay for tickets online by entering your bank card details or using points from the Wings program. If you want to pay for your purchase in cash, you can do so at one of our cash desks.

What to visit in Barnaul?

  • The Altai Museum of Local Lore includes more than 150 thousand exhibits, which have been collected since 1823. Here you can familiarize yourself with household items that are typical for this region, archaeological finds, ancient coins, the first steam engine of 1763, and much more.

  • If you love rock stones, you can visit the World of Stone Museum to get acquainted with the collection of Sergei Berger, which includes minerals, rocks and fossils from different parts of our planet. And if you're lucky, you can still get on a guided walking tour of the city, led by the museum staff.

  • One of the attractions of Barnaul is the monument to settlers in Altai, opened in 2012. Two figures are cast in bronze - a peasant sowing grain and a child following him. This composition is surrounded by the sun, birds, trees, where each subject has its own subtext, praising the hard work of the sower.

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