Tickets Moscow - Blagoveshchensk

Tickets Moscow - Blagoveshchensk

To purchase tickets for direct flights Moscow - Blagoveshchensk and flights with transfers, use the search and purchase form below.
To select a subsidized fare, check the box in the passenger selection menu and select dates. You can read more about how to buy a subsidized ticket through the website here .

Schedules Moscow - Blagoveshchensk

Check out the flight schedule Moscow - Blagoveshchensk for the coming days, or use the calendar to view the schedule for the coming months. Choose the best departure date and time for you and go on to the ticket issuing service.

Do you want to quickly and out of line to book a direct flight Domodedovo - Blagoveshchensk? Ural Airlines has a great offer for you - online booking! You no longer need to waste time traveling to the air ticket office and long waiting times, because you can buy a ticket without even leaving your home.

How to buy a ticket from Domodedovo to Blagoveshchensk?

You can book an air ticket online in two ways: directly on our website or by installing our proprietary application on your smartphone. The interfaces of these two tools are very similar, so they are equally convenient to use.

To book a ticket online, you need to enter a minimum amount of data, which greatly simplifies the procedure. Thanks to the intuitive interface, all manipulations will take you only a few minutes.

Step-by-step instructions for buying a ticket:

  • Open our app or site home page. In the appropriate fields, enter the names of the cities between which the flight will be carried out, and also select the most convenient date for the flight. Ural Airlines operates regular flights in this direction, so you can choose not only a suitable departure day, but also a convenient time for yourself.

  • After an instant search, the screen will display the schedule and ticket prices for the Domodedovo - Blagoveshchensk plane. Choose the option that suits you.

  • The third step is choosing a tariff. There are four different packages available for this direction. To find out the terms of each tariff, just click on it, and detailed information will be displayed on the left side of the screen.

  • At this stage, you can also enter a promo code or indicate a discount certificate, if you have one.

  • After that, you will need to enter personal data for each of the passengers for whom you are booking a ticket. Be sure to include your contact information in the appropriate fields.

  • Next, a list of additional services that you can use will be displayed on your screen. To purchase the service you need, just add it to the ticket price with one click.

  • Before proceeding with the payment, make sure that you have entered all the information correctly.

You can pay for a ticket in several ways. The standard options are credit card or Apple Pay. If you are a member of the Wings bonus program, you can fully or partially cover the price for the Domodedovo - Blagoveshchensk flight with the accumulated bonus funds. Also, all passengers of Ural Airlines can purchase tickets in installments through the Money Wall service.

After you complete the payment, your card will receive a cashback of 5%. Please note that if you order a ticket in this direction with the "Promo" tariff, there is no refund for it.

Within 24 hours after the payment is made, an email will be sent to the email address you specified with the enclosed reservation and an information brochure for your flight.

Our rates

There are four tariffs available for this direction: "Promo", "Economy", "Premium-Economy" and "Business". Each of them includes different services and has a different price. The cheapest package is "Promo". We created it especially for those passengers who want to travel comfortably and economically. In the basic fare, we have included only the essentials for a light flight: hand luggage 5 kg and one more suitcase weighing no more than 10 kg.

If you want to carry extra baggage, you can buy additional kilograms separately. This is one of the additional services provided by our company.

What sights are worth visiting in Blagoveshchensk:

  • Amur embankment, which occupies several kilometers. It offers a simply stunning view of the river and the Chinese town of Heihe. You can take a beautiful photo near the gazebo with high columns and a transparent dome.

  • Arc de Triomphe, which completely copies the architecture of the royal gates. The arch is a majestic structure of gray-pink color with snow-white decor.

  • Museum of local lore. There really is something to see here, because the museum has more than 160 thousand objects. Archaeological and ethnic collections are of particular interest.

Book cheap flights Domodedovo - Blagoveshchensk and travel at the best prices. It is always economical and comfortable with Ural Airlines. We strictly adhere to the time indicated in the schedule so that you can be sure of the accuracy of the indicated arrival time.

Airports Blagoveshchensk:

Airport information below Blagoveshchensk . Follow the link to get more information about the airport, see the online scoreboard.