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Schedules Moscow - Tel Aviv

Check out the flight schedule Moscow - Tel Aviv for the coming days, or use the calendar to view the schedule for the coming months. Choose the best departure date and time for you and go on to the ticket issuing service.

How do you sometimes want to escape from the bustle of Moscow and be somewhere far away, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Why wait for a miracle? We suggest you to buy tickets for a direct flight Moscow (Zhukovsky) (ZIA) - Tel Aviv (TLV)!

Reputation is proportional to liability

Having started its professional activity in 1993, the Ural Airlines team set clear goals and correctly set priorities. Thanks to this approach, the aviation concern is currently in the TOP-5 of the largest carriers in the Russian Federation, with a passenger flow of about 9.6 million per year. They trust us, and this is the most important thing! Competent personnel of the aircraft crew, 48 modern air liners from the Airbus family, own hubs at the airports Koltsovo, Domodedovo (Moscow), Pulkovo (St. Petersburg) and Zhukovsky (Zhukovsky), as well as innovative technical Aircraft service center - all this is a daily functioning system that for years provides the highest quality of services. We are for innovation and are constantly improving, introducing everywhere new technologies. You can buy a ticket for the Moscow (Zhukovsky) (ZIA) - Tel Aviv (TLV) plane quickly and without queues on our official website.

Features of the search for tickets

Having opened the start page, pay attention to the cell with the direction of flight. After choosing a city, indicate the date of departure and the number of required seats, indicating the age category of the passenger, since the cost will be calculated from this step. After a brief analysis, the server will issue available flights, which will detail the schedule and price of the ticket for the flight Moscow (ZhIA) (ZIA) - Tel Aviv (TLV). Select a seat in the cabin and proceed to fill out personal information. To do this, prepare your passport. After checking the data, you can make a payment.

If you are the owner of the promo code or the owner of the Wings discount, do not forget to indicate this when issuing tickets.

The Wings Bonus Program - It's Time to Save

Favorable offer for every flying customer of Ural Airlines. Register and become a member of the bonus system. Get privileges from our partners and additional service, as well as compensate for the full or partial fare.

Thus, the price of flights Moscow (Zhukovsky) (ZIA) - Tel Aviv (TLV) is significantly reduced, especially if you constantly travel and can not imagine life without adventure. For each ticket purchased, points are credited to your account, which can be used for future flights.


  • Extra bag discount

  • Priority seat selection

  • Premium Service

I placed an order, but how to pay?

Very simple! By clicking on the link to a secure page, specify the necessary details: full name, your bank card number, expiration date and CVV code. Confirm the fact of payment, and within a few minutes the treasured tickets will be in your inbox.

If something does not work out or causes difficulties, feel free to call the hotline. The sales manager will accompany you personally by telephone and help you complete the payment by switching to a closed single-channel line, where you will voice the necessary information about the bank card to the robot in voice mode.

You can book and buy tickets Moscow (Zhukovsky) (ZIA) - Tel Aviv (TLV) round-trip for cash at points of sale with a pick-up function.

Track on the site profitable offers and promotions for tourist destinations. Perhaps luck will be on your side, and you will get a “burning” ticket, marked with a contrasting marker.

You can also read our video tutorial

Why should we trust?

  • We support government subsidy programs

  • We transport your pets in the cabin

  • We arrange group transportation

  • Book a hotel and rent a car

  • We will arrange a transfer

  • We will find the lost luggage and deliver to you

  • We provide a charter

  • We provide peace and comfort of children during the flight

  • We will help people with disabilities

  • We will consult and politely answer questions

  • 24/7 online support without days off and breaks

Everything is ready, but how to get to the airport?

Try in advance and preferably with a margin of time to leave home so as not to worry and not be nervous.

Use the services:

  • Regular bus.

  • Taxi.

  • Personal car.

  • Electric trains.

Or try our high-speed Aeroexpress. Take a ride without traffic jams and wait for the green light of a traffic light, ordering this service in advance in your personal account when issuing a ticket.

Local Attractions

Already purchased cheap flights Moscow (Zhukovsky) (ZIA) to Tel Aviv (TLV)? Do not forget to plan your weekend and visit several historical places.

  • Jaffa is the refined soul and origins of the city. Immerse yourself in the majestic past, appreciate the beautiful architecture, lovely narrow streets and picturesque sunsets on the waterfront.

  • Yarkon Park is an oasis stretching along the railway station to the sea. Enjoy the fresh air, walk barefoot on the lush green grass and visit the mini zoo with exotic birds.

  • The Tel Aviv Museum of Fine Arts is a must-stop where you will plunge into the atmosphere of creativity and get to know more closely the paintings of European classics: Matisse, Renoir, Monet and others.

If you relax, then with comfort! If you travel, then with Ural Airlines! Our managers will help you to answer all questions.

Airports Tel Aviv:

Airport information below Tel Aviv . Follow the link to get more information about the airport, see the online scoreboard.

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