Charter flight

Chartered flight

Can I buy a charter ticket on my website?

A charter flight is a special, customized flight. Customers of such a flight can be a travel company, a sports club or, for example, an educational institution. Such a flight is formed for tourists within the framework of the tourist package, pilgrims, fans of sports teams, schoolchildren, students - for people united by one goal of the trip.

You can find out the cost and buy a ticket for a charter flight only in the company that organizes such a flight.

What meals are available on charter flights?

Catering for charter flights is handled by a tour operator-customer. Passengers before departure can ask a question about the menu to the tour operator's specialists.

Can I order a special meal for a charter flight?

You can't order a special meal from the airline for a charter flight. The organization of special meals for passengers is handled by the tour operator-customer.

Can I choose a seat on a charter flight?

You can, but the service is paid. You can choose a seat during the registration process.

You can check in for a charter flight online online, online, in-app or at the airport at the check-in desk.

Can I buy a business class ticket on a charter flight?

No, there's no class division on charter flights.