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The questions about the company

The questions about the company

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How do I know which plane I"m going to fly?

The fleet of Ural Airlines consists entirely of Airbus A320 aircraft (these are A319, A320 and A321). All aircraft are identical and do not differ from each other. According to the Russian Air Code, the airline has the right to replace the aircraft with a similar one in the preparation of the flight, if required to ensure the safety of the flight

How many seats on the A320, is there any business class?

The A319 and A320 aircraft of Ural Airlines are equipped with business class cabins. The number of seats of A319 aircraft in business class - 8 seats, in economic - 126 seats, in the A320 - 12 seats in business class and 144 in economic class. The A321 aircraft are equipped with an economy-class cabin with a capacity of 220 seats. In case you have purchased a business class ticket and your flight is operated on the A321 you will be provided with comfort service with a refund of the difference in the price of tickets between classes.

What is the age of Ural Airlines planes?

The age of the aircraft does not play a decisive role in ensuring flight safety. The most important thing is how well and professionally the maintenance of the equipment takes place. Ural Airlines has its own technical aviation center certified by international standards EASAPart 145. All aircraft of the airline are in operational leasing, respectively, their maintenance is carried out on a strict schedule and in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer of equipment. Currently, the airline is gradually updating the fleet, purchasing aircraft with a minimum lifespan. The average age of the airline"s fleet is 12 years.

How safe is it to fly with your airline?

Ural Airlines has a valid IOSA certificate that confirms the company"s compliance with international safety standards. These standards are the same for all airlines in the world, for example, they work for Lufthansa, AirFrance and others. The airline undergoes this audit every 2 years.

Most airline pilots have permits to fly in 2 categories of ICAO (minimum visibility and low level of clouds) and regularly take refresher courses on the simulator.