Online registration

Online registration

When does online registration open?

Online check-in for direct scheduled flights opens 24 hours and ends 2 hours before flight departure.

Online check-in is not available for flights departing from Dubai, Istanbul, Antalya, Bodrum, Daman, Beijing, Harbin.

Online check-in can be done on the website in the check-in service or in the mobile application.

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Can I be denied online registration?

They can.

Online registration is not possible for the following categories of citizens:

  • Minor passengers traveling unaccompanied by an adult (capable) passenger;
  • Seriously ill passengers;
  • Patients on stretchers;
  • Passengers with reduced mobility;
  • Passengers deaf and/or visually impaired, unaccompanied;
  • Blind passengers with a guide dog;
  • Passengers transporting tame pets or birds;
  • Passengers carrying luggage in the aircraft cabin;
  • Passengers who have paid for an additional seat in the aircraft cabin;
  • Passengers transporting weapons and/or ammunition;
  • Deported passengers, regardless of escort;
  • Passengers who require medical assistance during flight;
  • Passengers who have unpaid services on their order.

And also when ordering special services:

  • Transporting an animal in the cabin;
  • Carriage of luggage in the cabin - space has been purchased for luggage;
  • Transportation of firearms, ammunition;
  • Unaccompanied child;
  • Accompanying passenger;
  • Medical certificate;
  • Additional place;
  • Sick passenger on a stretcher;
  • A seat is required to board the aircraft;
  • Passenger with limited mobility;
  • Sick passenger unable to climb stairs;
  • Battery powered wheelchair;
  • Manual wheelchair of any size;
  • A wheelchair is available on board and provided by the airline;
  • Deaf passenger;
  • Blind passenger;
  • Escorted deportation;
  • Unaccompanied deportation.

In these cases, check-in is only possible at the airport.

How to register more than one passenger at once?

To register two or more passengers for a flight, simply indicate the order number or ticket number of any available one. If tickets for passengers were issued in one order, then it will be possible to register all passengers at once.

You can register for a flight in your Personal Account on the website or in the mobile application.

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I want to fly by the window. Where can I reserve a seat?

You can reserve a seat in the cabin during the online check-in process.

Depending on the tariff, choosing a seat can be free or paid, and the cost also depends on the location of the seat - at the emergency exit, at the window, in the first row or further away.

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