Transportation of musical instruments

Transportation of Musical instruments

Ural Airlines carries musical instruments both in the luggage compartment and in the passenger cabin.

Transportation of musical instruments

In the passenger cabin, musical instruments are carried as carry-on baggage without charging an additional fee in accordance with certain conditions:

  • The passenger carrying a musical instrument does not have additional hand luggage
  • Weight does not exceed 5kg. For transportation of guitars, the dimensions are set, which in the sum of three dimensions do not exceed 135 cm. and weight no more than 5 kg.
  • Musical instruments are transported and kept throughout the flight in protective cases

If the passenger has additional hand luggage, except for a musical instrument, or if the established dimensions are exceeded, transportation of musical instruments is carried out:

  • In the luggage compartment, as checked baggage (according to the fare conditions)
  • As hand luggage with the provision of an additional passenger seat in the aircraft cabin, subject to the purchase of the “Cabin baggage” service. It is possible to purchase the service together with the purchase of an air ticket. It is possible to register for the service and find out the cost through your own sales offices ( cash desks ), at the airline's representative office ( addresses of representative offices ) or through the airline's Call center by phone number 8-800-7700-262 (toll-free in Russia) or +7 (499) 920-22 -52 (for calls from abroad).

IMPORTANT: one musical instrument weighing no more than 80 kg is carried as hand luggage with the provision of a separate passenger seat. and dimensions do not exceed 120x75x45cm.