Decisions of the Government of the Russian Federation of 07/06/2020 No. 991, the procedure for the return of funds under air transportation agreements More
Checking payment/sending MK

Payment verification / sending MK

Did I get my money debited from my account when I get a ticket or some other document? How do you know that the ticket is issued?

Confirmation of the issued ticket is a route receipt. It comes to the email address listed when booking the ticket. The itinerary of the flight details shows the date and time of departure, the ticket number, the booking code and passenger data.

You can check the status of the order in the check of the order on the website, in the app or by calling the contact center: 8-800-77-00-262.

Why doesn't the airline issue an invoice and the act of the work done when paying through the Online cash register with a non-cash payment?

The itinerary receipt, which the passenger receives by email after paying for the ticket, is a document of strict reporting. This form is established by the Order of the Russian Ministry of Transport from 08.11.06 No. 134,which we follow.

The route-ticket indicates the cost, services provided and a VAT clause.